A Relaxing Costa Rica Wedding for COVID-Weary Souls

Groom, bride, and baby stroll along the beach at a costa rica wedding

COVID has totally changed a lot of wedding plans over the past couple of years. But this Kara and Kyle were determined not to let it get them down. 

Once they finally could, they packed up with their friends and family and enjoyed the relaxing Costa Rica wedding they had been dreaming of for so long. Check out how amazing it turned out and the extra special wedding guest that accompanied them!

Love Bursts Forth

Kyle and Kara hit the ground running in 2017. They discovered an instant connection and knew wedding bells were in their future. Literal fireworks even went off randomly during their first kiss, though it was not a fireworks-related holiday. 

They shared a big love of several common interests including sci-fi movies, UDF milkshakes, and cruising in Kyle’s convertible. They quickly grew close and spent many happy hours swimming, surfing, and fishing on Lake Norris in Tennessee. 

One of those happy afternoons witnessed Kyle’s proposal to Kara in a ski boat surrounded by her family. 

Weddings Take a Back Burner

Things slowed down for the couple considerably with the arrival of COVID. Their wedding plans had to be put on hold as they went into isolation at the lake house. Their wedding was eventually rescheduled 3 times through it all!

They filled their days with online classes and grew ever closer over the months that followed. 

A lot of big events happened during that time. After graduating, they moved to Maryland and bought a house together. They drove to Arkansas to pick up an adorable German Shepherd puppy. And…surprise! They welcomed a baby girl, Blake, into the world. 

The Long-Awaited Costa Rica Wedding

As the world started opening up, they came back around to their wedding plans (again). What would be the perfect way to commemorate their special love?

Kara and her family had loved their visit to Costa Rica a few years prior and Kara’s mom threw out the idea of a Costa Rica wedding just for fun. It stuck and the couple thought the trip would be a great mix of relaxation and adventure for their whole family! 

They chose to have their Costa Rica wedding at hotel Arenas del Mar here in Manuel Antonio. The vibe of the hotel was perfect and, especially with their little baby, a venue with accommodations made the most sense. 

Relaxation was high on their list of priorities. Plus, the jungle/beach atmosphere was a big reason why they came to Costa Rica. Arenas del Mar fit the bill perfectly.

Your Costa Rica Wedding

Kyle and Kara came to Costa Rica looking for a bit of fun, sun, and pura vida lifestyle. They found what they were looking for and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Want to learn more about having your wedding at Arenas del Mar? Click the button below to see more wedding ceremony set ups:

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