An Epic Beach and Waterfall Wedding in Costa Rica!

Bride and groom walking in the waterfall at their waterfall wedding

What’s the best part about getting married in Costa Rica? You don’t have to pick between a beach or waterfall wedding, you can enjoy them both!

That’s what Brittany and Sergey decided to do. The two of them came to Costa Rica intent on enjoying the beauty that this country has to offer. And that’s exactly what they did with their epic beach and waterfall wedding in Costa Rica!

Brittany and Sergey

Brittany and Sergey’s love story is one of those beautiful, slow ones that are built to last. They first met through mutual friends back in 2016. 

They remained acquaintances/friends for a bit until in 2019 they met up to hang out. During this time, the spark came to life and the pair discovered unmistakable chemistry between them. 

However, right around this time, Brittany decided to move from Minnesota to Atlanta. The spark had been lit, though, and they still connected on the phone and through Facetime. Eventually, Sergey went down to Atlanta himself for a long visit and soon Brittany was back in Minnesota. 

The rest, as they say, is history!

Adventure of a Lifetime

The pair fully enjoys doing adventuresome things together (they’ve run a marathon together, how cool is that?) They felt Costa Rica was an awesome adventure they would love to experience. 

They loved the idea of a beach wedding but also a waterfall wedding. With this in mind, it was only natural to choose both. Plus, they loved the beauty of Costa Rica and the variety of wildlife — birds in particular. 

So Brittany and Sergey packed up, just the two of them, and came to Costa Rica to enjoy the adventurous beach and waterfall wedding of their dreams!

Part I: Beach Wedding 

To make it amazing, Brittany and Sergey had to start early. At 7 am they were on the beach ready to exchange their vows. The rising sun was already softly warming the beach and the whole scene was dazzling. 

They chose a cool circular arbor which added a unique flair to their beach ceremony. Having run away to elope, it was just the two of them. They didn’t even have an officiant but read their vows to one another from handwritten letters. 

It was a special moment that just the two of them got to share and will treasure forever. 

Part II: Waterfall Wedding

Afterward, we headed out into the jungle for the waterfall wedding part of their beach and waterfall wedding. There’s an awe-inspiring hanging bridge that extends high in the air about the falls. We started there to get some amazing images. 

Then, we took the short trek down to the falls for some real fun. After getting a few gorgeous images of the couple with the falls, they dived into the refreshing water in their wedding clothes. There is something truly epic about images of a wedding couple traipsing around in a waterfall!

Check out Brittany and Sergey’s Wooden Album Below!

Your Waterfall Wedding in Costa Rica

I stand as a witness, Brittany and Sergey thoroughly enjoyed their beach and waterfall wedding experience in this beautiful country. Does this idea sound intriguing to you? 

Costa Rica is ready and waiting for you!

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