A Spectacular Wedding by the Sea

Bride and groom on the beach at their wedding by the sea

If there is one thing amazing about getting married in Costa Rica, it is the spectacular scenery offered by this beautiful country. Cynthia and Bryan made their first trip to Costa Rica nearly 10 years ago and having their wedding here was a way for them to share the magic of this place with their family and friends. 

And Costa Rica didn’t disappoint. Scroll through to see the amazing images we captured at Cynthia and Bryan’s spectacular wedding by the sea!

A Long Time Coming

Cynthia and Brian actually met way back in 2010 during a kickball match on the National Mall in DC. Apparently, it is a proud tradition for folks in the DC area. In 2012, they visited Costa Rica for their first real trip as a couple. 

As happens to so many people who come to visit this lovely country, they fell in love with our little piece of paradise. 

They chose to have the wedding at Punto de Vista. This 5-story villa rises out of the jungle right on the shores of Manuel Antonio. It’s just a short trek to the beach and the view from the top floors is absolutely breathtaking. In short, it is the perfect villa for a lovely wedding by the sea.

A Twist on Tradition

I’m sure you’ve heard about unity sand at weddings. The bride and the groom pour sand from two different containers into one to symbolize they are coming together as one. 

Well, instead of unity sand, Cynthia and Bryan opted for unity whisky, which I thought was a cool idea. 

Sunset Photos on the Beach

As we get into the rainy season, sunsets are few and far between and this year has been particularly rough. Cynthia and Bryan, however, enjoyed a fabulous sunset for their wedding by the sea. 

After the ceremony, we headed down to the beach that is really close to Punta de Vista. The light was gorgeous and we got some amazing pictures of the couple enjoying themselves on the beach. 

The sunset was spectacular but, I gotta say, their smiles were so radiant they gave the sun a run for its money!

A Reception with a View

The last vestiges of the sunset were still painted across the sky when we got back to the villa. This made a beautiful backdrop as the festivities began. 

From the get-go, Cynthia and Bryan had let me know that this was the most important part of the photo session for them. It was nice to have some photos of themselves, but they really wanted to treasure the memories of their friends and family. With all the craziness of the past couple of years, they wanted to relish the opportunity to celebrate together. 

So I made sure to get lots of great photos during the reception. About 50 guests came to celebrate with the couple, so there were plenty of smiles to go around!

Your Wedding by the Sea

Are you inspired by Cynthia and Bryan’s spectacular wedding by the sea? I’m not surprised. Even after nearly two decades of shooting weddings here in Manuel Antonio, I am still amazed by the beauty. 

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