Back to tradition: A Jewish Wedding Ceremony in Costa Rica

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A traditional Jewish ceremony has developed over many generations, though in some cases it is adapted to fit different cultural contexts. Paulina and Giovanny incorporated a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony with an adventurous off-the-beaten-path style wedding here in exotic Costa Rica! Check it out!

The Wedding Couple

Giovanny and Paulina combined some fabulous traditions and experiences to create a wedding that was uniquely theirs. 

They honored their Jewish roots by incorporating Jewish traditions in their wedding ceremony. They got married surrounded by friends and family in a luxury villa in one of the lushest and most beautiful places on earth. Plus, they hauled all their guests out into the jungle to visit an epic waterfall and learn how to extract sugar cane juice.

A Traditional Wedding Ceremony

They chose to have their wedding ceremony at the gorgeous new Villa Costa Vida in Manuel Antonio. The house was large enough to accommodate their guests. Plus, they held the ceremony on the top-story terrace looking out over the ocean!

There are several specific traditions that make up a Jewish wedding ceremony. One of the most notable is the Ketuba, a signed contract that the groom gives to the bride. 

This contract is no ordinary document. Instead, it is a work of art with details about the couple’s wedding and promises to one another (vows). Giovanny and Paulina’s contract was written in both English and Hebrew. A beautifully done image of a man and a woman with intertwined bodies decorated the document. 

During a Jewish wedding ceremony, the bride and groom stand under a special covering called a Chuppah. After the reading of the Ketuba, seven blessings are pronounced over a glass of wine. Then the groom breaks the glass as a representation of the destruction of the Second Temple. This is a solemn reminder to be mindful of unhappiness even in joyful moments. 

The Fun Continues…at a Waterfall!

The next day, for a more unconventional part of their wedding, the couple and their guests headed out into the jungle. They visited an epic waterfall and they traversed a hanging bridge high above the crystal clear waters. 

After taking wedding pictures in the waterfall, we went to go have lunch at this little place that is the real deal of Costa Rica. We went to a local house and enjoyed deliciously authentic Costa Rican food cooked on a wood stove. The wedding party even got to try their hand at extracting sugar cane juice with a traditional press!

Check out Paulina and Giovanny’s Heirloom Leather Album Below!

Your Wedding in Costa Rica

Whether you’d love a traditional wedding ceremony, a high-class wedding in a luxury villa, or an off-the-beaten-path adventure — Costa Rica has it all.

Curious about having your own unique wedding in Costa Rica? Check out more inspiration from this other waterfall wedding and reach out for more information!

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