26 Years Later: A Beautiful Vow Renewal in Costa Rica

vow renewal couple running on the beach

Most people consider their wedding day one of the most special days of their life. But you know what’s even more special?

A vow renewal 26 years later. 

And that’s just what Trish and Gary did. They packed their bags and headed off together for a beautiful vow renewal in Costa Rica. Check out how special it was here!

A Day with Deeper Meaning

As you might imagine, 26 years of marriage is full of a lot. There are highs and lows, joys and sorrows. Days when your love deepens and days when you feel like you’re at your wit’s end with your partner. 

But, as Trish and Gary can attest, it’s all worth it. Their 26 years have been full of children, grandchildren, life, and lots of love. And they’re ready for another 26 years!

When people get married they have no idea what they’re in for. They’re basking in the glow of their budding romance. When couples do a vow renewal like this, they know exactly what they’re in for and the deep, mature love they share is a beautiful sight to see. 

Fixing a Photo Disaster

Trish and Gary also have a deep appreciation for photographs because of what happened to them at their wedding. They hired a photographer (and paid a deposit) and the photographer never showed up!

They didn’t get the chance to document their beautiful day in the way they had wanted. 

This time around, they didn’t want the same thing to happen. In fact, some of their grandkids weren’t going to be able to attend this vow renewal so they wanted to ensure that they got amazing photographs to share. They know how much they’ll appreciate them 26 years from now — and all the years in between!

Beautiful Moments

Trish and Gary did the whole thing up quite nicely. They had the ceremony where they were staying at a villa called Punto de Vista, which is one of my favorite venues to photograph at. It’s quite close to one of the most beautiful beaches here in Manuel Antonio and surrounded by the verdant rainforest. 

The villa stands 5 stories tall and rises up out of the rainforest majestically. As you might imagine, the view out over the ocean from the upper floors is absolutely amazing!

On the day of the ceremony, I only came for 3 hours to capture the most important parts. Though they wanted to do bridal portraits on the beach, they also wanted to enjoy the occasion and spend time with their guests. 

To accommodate this, we had a Day After Session the next morning down on the beach. It was perfect! Trish and Gary got to have their cake and eat it too!

Your Vow Renewal in Costa Rica

Vow renewals are so special. In many ways, more so than weddings. And escaping with your special someone to the exotic country of Costa Rica for your vow renewal is an experience you will never forget!

Check out Trisha and Gary’s Vow Renewal Album Above.

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