Sweet and Poignant: A Romantic Wedding in Costa Rica

the wedding dress and the view from casa espanola

Would you pack up your stuff, take your special someone by the hand, and go to someplace you’ve never been to declare your love for one another?

That’s exactly what Stacey and Eden decided to do! Sight unseen, they decided that Costa Rica was the best place to make their vows to one another. 

Cutting it Close to the Wire

Unfortunately, though it all turned out well in the end, getting to Costa Rica turned out to be a bit crazy for this wedding couple and their guests. 

The whole group had flight problems and their luggage was delayed. Here’s one for being anxious before your wedding — their missing luggage didn’t arrive until ½ an hour before the ceremony! 

But it arrived, and Stacey and Eden’s attitude through it all were a testament to their character. This is the kind of stuff you get to laugh about years later. 

Thoughtful and Caring

I always like to meet the wedding couple before the big day. It helps me to know what to focus on when I’m photographing the wedding. 

Stacey is a child therapist and Eden works for child welfare services and that says a lot right there. Both of them were super kind and caring people. 

Stacey and Eden even brought a set of shorts and a shirt as a gift for my daughter!

The Importance of Photographs

I am always on the lookout for unposed, genuine moments. But I always ask couples how important the traditional, looking-at-the-camera and smiling pictures are. Most people want at least a handful.

However, Stacey and Eden were all about the unposed moments. They wanted a few to share with family and friends, but, as Eden said, they should make up 25% or less of all the photos. 

They wanted photographs that reflect the true essence of the day. Their love for one another, their love for their family, etc. 

The importance of photographs is already all too well-known, especially for Eden. His mother, gone too soon, was not able to attend the wedding. To honor her, they brought along a framed photograph. It was a very touching way to have her present on their wedding day.

A Well-Rounded Experience

The wedding itself took place in Casa Española here in Manuel Antonio. The wedding planner Chelsea from Oasis Weddings did a fabulous job putting everything together.

I came back the next morning so we could have a Day After session at the beach. This is when they get to relax after the wedding jitters have passed, enjoy spending time with one another, and get some great photos while doing it!

After that, we went up to Makanda, this really cool boutique hotel tucked in the jungle here in Manuel Antonio. They have all sorts of awesome nooks and interesting architecture that make it a super fun place to take photos. 

Stacey and Eden loved it for the intimate, romantic atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed their honeymoon there. 

Your Romantic Wedding in Costa Rica

Even after so many years of photographing weddings, every one I photograph is so unique — because every couple is unique! Stacey and Eden’s romantic wedding in Costa Rica was no exception. 

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Check out Stacey and Eden’s Wedding Album Below!

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