Off the Beaten Path in Costa Rica: A Unique Wedding Idea

Bride and groom on a suspension bridge above the jungle off the beaten path in Costa Rica
Hanging out on a suspension bridge in Costa Rica

As a wedding destination, Costa Rica has it all — beaches, rainforest, mountains, and plenty of luxurious villas and hotels where couples can enjoy one of the best days of their lives. 

The country is known for its jungles, wildlife, and incredible ecotourism. In other words, plenty of opportunities for experiences that are off the beaten path in Costa Rica. 

That’s what drew Briony and Brian to this gorgeous country as the backdrop for their wedding. They wanted a stunning wedding with the opportunity to explore areas which many people never get the chance to see.

Check out how amazing it was!

The groom getting ready

Getting Married in Costa Rica

The wedding was gorgeous. Briony and Brian rented a stunning villa, Casa Fantastica, located here in Manuel Antonio. The luxury house is nestled on a cliff in the jungle offering a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

An emotional break from tradition, instead of having the bouquet ready, Briony decided to have it made right before the ceremony. This means as she came down the stairs to the ceremony area, all her family and friends gave her a single flower that would be used to make the bouquet she would hold for the rest of the wedding. It was such a tender moment.

Briony was radiant in her wedding gown as she came down the aisle to the quintessential Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The view behind the couple during the ceremony was dazzling. And everyone had a great time at the reception. 

Pretty much the perfect wedding that any bride has been dreaming of since she was a small child.

The groom before the wedding ceremony (and before they go off the beaten path)

The Day After Session (In the Jungle!)

Unfortunately, it started raining after the ceremony so we didn’t have time to do many bridal portraits. It turned out to be just fine though, because Briony and Brian already had the coolest idea for their Trash the Dress / Day After Session.

Day After Sessions are nice because the couple can enjoy a few moments and get photos together after the wedding day jitters have passed. They can relax, have fun, and we usually get some great pics!

Briony and Brian, however, wanted to go all out. Not only did they want to get great photos together, but also they wanted photos of them enjoying a local experience.

So we all loaded up in a van (the whole wedding party included) and headed off into the Costa Rican jungle for the type of adventure you can only get to in a 4X4 vehicle.

Off the Beaten Path in Costa Rica

Briony and Brian took their wedding party for an unforgettable experience. They visited two waterfalls, tested their guts on a suspension bridge high above the jungle floor, and had REAL Costa Rican food cooked over an open fire at a local family’s house. They even got to participate in pressing sugar cane.

If you’ve never been off the beaten path in Costa Rica I assure you it is unforgettable! Costa Rica is known as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, despite the fact that the country is so small. As you explore the rainforest you’ll have the chance to see brightly colored birds, frogs, monkeys, and maybe even a sloth!

The water runs clear in Costa Rica’s beautiful rivers and going for the swim at the base of one of her majestic waterfalls is a delight few people have gotten to enjoy. 

On top of that, Costa Rican people are as warm and inviting as the country’s beaches. As with most places, to find the authentic life of the people you’ve got to get away from the tourist centers. The people who live out in the jungle or up in the mountains are still following the traditions of the generations that came before. Sometimes it’s nice to slow down and appreciate them.

Just imagine the wedding stories this couple has to share. As you can see from the photos it was quite an experience. You can make it yours, too!

Your Wedding in Costa Rica

Getting married in Costa Rica can be anything you want it to be. From the height of luxury (check out this wedding at Villa Calletas) to simple elopements (like this one) there is something for everyone.

And if you want to go off the beaten path in Costa Rica for a rural tourism experience that is truly unique, you can do that too!

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