A Dominical, Costa Rica Beach Wedding to Remember

Aerial view of the bride and groom on the beach

Beautiful jungle, small-town atmosphere, beaches with only a few people — is that what you want for your special day? A Dominical, Costa Rica beach wedding is a fantastic idea for you!

Wondering what a wedding would look like in Dominical? Check out Travis and Kellie’s amazing wedding that I photographed in this small coastal town recently.

Memories of Costa Rica

Costa Rica always had a special place in Kellie’s heart. Back in the day, her dad owned a hardware store in the small, sleepy community of Barú. It is located just inland from Dominical, and she has fond memories of going to the beach there as a child.

When it came time for her and Travis to tie the knot, coming back to her roots just seemed like the right place. 

A Beautiful Ceremony Spot

Perfection for Travis and Kellie meant being surrounded by the lush beauty of Costa Rica on their wedding day. To that end, they rented a gorgeous house surrounded by lovely grounds and beyond that the jungle. 

The house, Casa Antigua, is situated up on a hill, allowing for a stunning view of the ocean over the tops of the trees.

They chose a ceremony site on a grassy knoll that gave them both the ocean and the jungle as the backdrop while they said their vows. It was a stunning sight to behold!

The Beach Session

After the ceremony, we went to the beach, Roca Verde, where Kellie had spent so many wonderful childhood days. Then we filled her memory book with gorgeous images of her and Travis celebrating their love in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Travis and Kellie had made it clear that they weren’t super into the traditional posed wedding images. We still got a few for the photo album, of course. 

However, once we got down to the beach, it was all about the two of them enjoying one another and I got creative with my camera. It’s always fun to look for different angles, reflections, and other tidbits to make the photos a little different from your typical wedding photos. 

Check out their 8 inch Wedding Album Reveal!

Your Dominical, Costa Rica Beach Wedding

Does a Dominical, Costa Rica beach wedding look interesting to you? Dominical is a fun little town that isn’t as busy as Manuel Antonio. The beaches tend to be more open (fewer people) and the vibe of the town is more laidback. 

There are fewer structured activities in this area, but it is close enough to Manuel Antonio that tours like sport fishing, ATV riding, or ziplining are still easily accessible. 

The plus side is that you get to really enjoy some time in nature — because that’s what it all about in Dominical!

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