A Dream Wedding Come to Life in Costa Rica

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What’s your dream wedding? Like if you could have a no-expense-spared, fantastic experience tailored to your likes and interests, what would it look like?

Michelle and Danny got to experience their dream wedding in Costa Rica. Come along, I’ll give you a peek into this incredible wedding at the aptly named Dreams Las Mareas Resort!

Moms Know Best!

Michelle and Danny met in a somewhat unconventional way. Their moms were coworkers and friends and thought that their children would be perfect for each other. 

Begrudgingly, Michelle and Danny both agreed to go on a date — though neither thought much would come of it. It was just to please their moms. 

But when Michelle and Danny met on that first date, something magical happened! They felt an instant connection. In fact, they talked so much that they sent the poor waitress away four times before finally settling on something to eat!

On their second date, Michelle shared her excitement about nursing school and her future career dreams. Danny overwhelmed her with his support and encouragement of her dreams. 

That pretty much sealed the deal. Their moms were right — they were perfect for each other!

Why Costa Rica?

To celebrate their second anniversary and Michelle’s graduation with her Master’s in nursing, the couple visited Costa Rica. They stayed at Secrets Papagayo, an adults-only resort in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.

They weren’t engaged yet but both knew that it would be happening soon. In fact, each was enjoying their experience so much, that they secretly were checking out wedding prices. 

The idea took form after meeting and sharing a shot with a bride and chatting with the bride’s mother for a bit. The only problem was that Secrets was adults-only and they wanted kids to be able to attend. 

On a boat ride to Arenal, they chatted with a couple who was staying at Dreams Las Mareas. This sister resort to Secrets is located in the northernmost part of Guanacaste and had everything they were dreaming of, including the family-friendly atmosphere.

There simply wasn’t anything else to ponder!

A Fairy Tale Garden on the Beach

The folks at Dreams Las Mareas knocked it out of the park when planning Michelle and Danny’s dream wedding. Michelle had a specific vision for a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. As you can see in the photos, the staff totally made it come to life.

The reception was held on the beach — a decision they ended up loving. Strings of fairy lights lit up the space and lent the atmosphere Michelle wanted for the evening. 

The firework show after their first dance also left an impression that is hard to forget!

After the incredible show, Michelle and Danny enjoyed the night of their life — celebrating and dancing with their guests. Things got a little crazy, memories were made, and a great night was had by all.

Your Dream Wedding in Costa Rica

Is this the type of dream wedding that you’re looking for? A lavish Dreams Las Mareas weddings in Costa Rica is just the ticket!

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Check out Michelle and Danny’s Wedding Album Reveal Below!

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