An Intimate Wedding Experience to Remember

Bride riding piggy back on the groom on the beach after their intimate wedding ceremony.

The beauty of a destination wedding is that it is most often a very intimate experience. Destination weddings take the hassle out of planning a big lavish affair. Plus, since they take place far away, you don’t feel the same pressure to have to invite everyone and their cousin.

That’s exactly what Heidi and Matt were looking for. They wanted to have a nice ceremony that they would thoroughly enjoy with just their closest friends and family.

To that end, they opted for a simple, intimate wedding ceremony at a private villa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. You can’t get much more intimate than that! And, as you’ll see, the location was simply stunning.

The bride through a glass window at the villa

The Couple: Heidi and Matt

Heidi and Matt decided that a destination wedding in Costa Rica was perfect for them. They love traveling together and getting married seemed like a great reason to go on an adventure.

They specifically mentioned to me beforehand that they hadn’t spent much time on Pinterest looking for the perfect wedding details. Neither of them were too interested in the specifics. They were more concerned with enjoying their time rather than stressing over the details.

Though neither had visited Costa Rica, it was on their bucket list and a wedding and a honeymoon in such a luscious place were perfect. Manuel Antonio is also an easy place to get to. Since some of their guests had little to no experience with international travel they wanted to make it easy on them.

Heidi advised me that she is more of a tomboy and enjoys tromping around in the woods more than trying to look pretty in a floofy dress, moreover they just wanted to capture real moments of them and their guests enjoying their special day.

As you can see, though, Heidi still managed to look stunning in her princess-like gown.

Having fun while getting ready for the intimate wedding ceremony

The Villa: Vista Hermosa

Heidi and Matt chose the private villa Vista Hermosa as their intimate wedding location. In Spanish, vista hermosa means beautiful view. Take one look at the location and you’ll understand how aptly the house is named.

Not only is the view of the beach, the Pacific Ocean and the jungle breathtaking, but the house itself is gorgeous. There are lots of huge windows and open walls to take full advantage of the beauty outdoors and the fresh sea breeze.

The villa is a sprawling 11,000 sq feet and offers comfortable and luxurious quarters for 24 people. Plus, there’s no disagreements over who gets the room with a view, every room offers expansive views of the ocean.

The villa also boasts a 3-sided infinity pool which is perfect for relaxing or taking a leisurely swim. There is also plenty of comfortable seating and open terraces. There is plenty of space for all your close friends and family to enjoy without getting in each other’s way.

The bride on a balcony with a forest background

The bride on a balcony with a forest backgroundThe ring bearer perfectly placed in a intricate staircase in Vista Hermosa

The groom smiles with tears in his eyes at his lovely bride.
If that isn’t the face of a happy man, I don’t know what is.

The epic view from the ceremony spot, perfect for an intimate wedding.
Epic ceremony spot, perfect for an intimate wedding.

The whole gang with the view!

Having fun during toasts at the receptionThe bride and groom mingling with guestsHaving fun on the dance floor!

A sweet embrace during the couple's first dance as newlyweds.
A sweet embrace during the couple’s first dance

Dancing at partying at the reception after their intimate wedding ceremony
The guests showing off their dance moves!

Dancing at partying at the reception after their intimate wedding ceremony
And a great big twirl for that beautiful bride!

Dancing at partying at the reception after their intimate wedding ceremony

The Day After Session

After a gorgeous, simple ceremony and tons of fun at the reception, Heidi and Matt opted for a one hour Trash the Dress Session, or “Day After Session”. So the next morning we headed out to the beach to get some fun photos of the newlyweds on the beach.

The nice thing about doing portraits the day after is that the couple gets to enjoy the whole reception time with their guests. Plus, we can get more creative for the photos because it’s not essential to keep the dress sparkling clean for the reception.

The day after their intimate wedding. Time for fun photos!Bridal portraits on the beachBridal portraits on the beachBridal portraits on the beach

Your Intimate Wedding in Costa Rica

Can’t you imagine having a simple wedding ceremony in Costa Rica? There’s so much incredible natural beauty and in a villa like Vista Hermosa you can thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, with all the comforts of a luxurious inn.

An intimate wedding is so much easier to plan and you can really enjoy your day. It doesn’t fly by in a blur with you just trying to make sure that you greet every one of your hundreds of guests. Enjoy the time with the people who matter most and treasure those memories for a lifetime.

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