A Beachside Wedding to Remember

Wedding couple on the beach at Arenas del Mar

What if you wanted to have an epic beachside wedding, stay in luxurious accommodations, and be surrounded by the beauty of the rainforest? Then, you should look no further than Hotel Arenas del Mar.

That’s what Trisha and Cary did and their wedding could not have been more perfect. 

Let’s take a look at this awesome couple.

Close up of wedding vows book and agate rocks with guests names

The Couple

Trisha and Cary are living proof that two worlds can collide slowly. Love isn’t always a whirlwind that comes through and sweeps you off your feet. Sometimes it’s a small flame that grows in the dark until it becomes stronger and more deeply passionate.

This radiant couple has known each other for 10 years. They finally began dating 5 years ago and now here they are, all dressed up and ready to say ‘I do’. 

They had been to Costa Rica a couple years ago and absolutely loved their visit. After working with Susan La Reau the fabulous wedding planner and visiting Arenas del Mar, they knew this would be the perfect place to start their new adventure together.

The happy groom at Arenas del Mar

Arenas del Mar

What is there to love about Arenas del Mar as a wedding venue? Quite a lot, in fact. The resort is tucked in to the rainforest right on the Pacific coast. It boasts its own private beach where guests can kick back and enjoy the sun, sand, and the waves without the crowds that are often found on the main beach.

You can choose to dine right on the beach at their beachside restaurant. They even offer private, romantic dinners so you can enjoy the sound of the surf while you dine with your sweetie. Of course, if you prefer something a bit more formal, you can enjoy a meal in their oceanview restaurant.

Regardless of which option you choose, it will be a delectable and relaxing dining experience.

You can also relax with your sweetie by or in one of the two delightful pools at Arenas del Mar. Plus, the accommodations are top notch. Enjoy sweeping ocean and rainforest views. Some rooms even come with their own private Jacuzzi! You’d be hard-pressed to find a more luxurious or relaxing place to spend your wedding and honeymoon.

The groom smiling as he reads the book gifted to him by the bride
The groom with his gift from the bride

The Wedding Details

My good friend Joseph Nance flew out from Guatemala to help me photograph this wedding.  Besides helping me capture all these candid moments, he did an amazing job shooting all these details that made this wedding so unique.  If you plan on getting married in Guatemala definitely check him out!

To make their wedding even more memorable, Trisha and Cary had several special wedding details including beautiful agate stones with the names of their guests inscribed on them.

The written word was also an important element of their wedding. Not only did they have a special little wedding vow book, but also Trisha’s gift to Cary was a touching, handwritten book of all the reasons why she loves him. They also had their beautifully designed invitations on display.

For getting ready, the bridesmaids all had lovely, embroidered robes for before they donned their dresses. Plus, each wore a turquoise necklace.

I suppose that all brides love their dresses and accessories but Trisha was especially in love with her dress, tiara, and veil and wanted good photos to remember them by. So we had fun playing with her veil and getting some creative shots.

And check out her epic bouquet of flowers. Can anything be more lovely than that cascade of purple orchids?

During the ceremony, the couple opted for a sand ceremony, representing their two lives becoming one.

At the reception, you can see the fun they had with their huge, wedding cake shaped piñata! For this part, Trisha donned her traditional Vietnamese dress. This was more comfortable for dancing, whacking at that piñata, and all around enjoying herself.

The bride and groom's words of appreciation for their guests and her traditional Vietnamese dress

Elegant wedding shoes and invitations

The bridge receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers!
The bride being delighted by her gift!

The bride with her gift bouquetThe bride poses for a photo with her friend while getting red.The bride getting her dress down at Arenas del Mar

The bride is all ready and headed out for the first look.
Here come’s the bride!

Shots of the lovely bride around the grounds at Arenas del MarThe groom's face when he sees her. Priceless!Wedding portrait with delicate pink parasol at Arenas del MarWedding portrait with delicate pink parasol at Arenas del Mar

Looking up the bride's veil from behind for an interesting perspective
Fun veil shot!

The bride comes down the aisle with her parents at her beachside weddingBeautiful ceremony at Arenas del MarThe bride and groom exchanging vows at Arenas del MarThe sand ceremony representing the couple's new oneness.The bride's face as she struggles to contain her emotions.

The triumphant announcement of husband and wife and the beachside wedding!
Yay! They’re married!


A shot of the whole wedding group in their epic location at Arenas del Mar
Beachside wedding views!


Bridal portraits on the beach at Arenas del Mar
Beachside wedding fun!

Lovely ladies with their parasols!Bridal portraits on the beach at Arenas del MarArenas del Mar beachside weddingBridal portraits on the beach at Arenas del MarBridal portraits on the beach at Arenas del MarGreat fun at the reception at Arenas del MarGreat fun at the reception at Arenas del MarGreat fun at the reception at Arenas del MarTime to whack that piñata!Time to whack that piñata!Bride and groom dancing at the reception at Arenas del MarGreat fun at the reception at Arenas del Mar

The bride and groom sneak a kiss on the beach and scandalize a little wedding guest!
Check out this kid’s face! Priceless!

Your Epic Beachside Wedding

As you can see Trisha and Cary had quite the spectacular beachside wedding! If you’re dreaming of a similar destination wedding on the beach, be sure to check out Arenas del Mar.

The amazing wedding planner, Susan La Reau, makes everything a breeze for her wedding couples. You simply tell her what you what and she makes magic happen! And, of course, I’m happy to be there to capture all the memorable little moments of your special day.

Trisha and Cary decided to get matching albums for their parents!

Here’s a little iPhone video to show how they came out.


Follow these awesome vendors from the wedding on Instagram:

Event Planning & Design: Susan La Reau Events 

Second Photographer: Joseph Nance

Venue: Arenas Del Mar

Video: my friend the great Jonathan Yonkers

DJ: AClass

Rentals: Costa Mesa

Lighting: Boadicea 

Want to see more beautiful beachside wedding moments from Arenas del Mar? Click Below!

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  • Thank you, Kevin for the fantastic pictures and the wonderful blog post! You truly captured the magic we felt during our wedding, and your words beautifully add to the story of what we experienced. Thank you so much for everything!

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