Wedding in Playa fantasia, Costa Rica

There are those who love adventure, who want to do something different for their wedding. For them, a destination wedding where they can say “I do” on a an exotic beach is far more appealing than a traditional wedding in their hometown. 

Then, there are those who want to take things up a notch.

For those, there are venues like Playa Fantasía — the ultimate in a beach wedding experience. And the best part? You can only get there by boat.

Let’s explore what it would be like to sail off on a catamaran tour to get married on a solitary beach with only your best friends on board. 

Playa Fantasía

Sea Lounge catamaran to Playa Fantasia
catamaran ride in costa rica

Let’s start with the location itself. Playa Fantasía is a secluded white sand beach located near Jacó on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The name literally means “Fantasy Beach” in Spanish, and it certainly lives up to its name.

Getting there is pretty easy — it’s only about an hour’s drive from the Juan Santamaria Airport in San José on a well-maintained highway.

You can stay anywhere in the nearby area and the folks from Playa Fantasía will pick you up from and bring you back to the hotel. 

A few great options are:

  • Villa Caletas
  • Los Sueños Marriot Hotel
  • Anywhere in Playa Hermosa
  • Anywhere in Esterillos
  • Anywhere in Punta Leona

To get to Playa Fantasía, you hop aboard The Sea Lounge, a 50-foot catamaran, for a 40-minute cruise, which is just as fascinating as the beach itself. This beach is completely private, this is the only company that offers trips to the beach.

If you get lucky, you might even see some playful dolphins. They love to come and play in the wake of the catamarans. 

Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll have found paradise embodied. The beach is gorgeous and amazing with natural rock formations, white sand, and plenty of wildlife. On top of that, the private beach club makes your time on the beach completely comfortable. The club features a bar and kitchen, bathrooms, hammocks for lounging, and a private seating area. 

Relax on a lounge chair and simply enjoy the beach or take advantage of the many beach activities that are available, including:

  • Paddleboards
  • Surfboards
  • Boogie boards
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Banana boat rides

These folks have thought of everything to make your time on the beach truly extraordinary. 

Wedding Packages

Playa Fantasía offers several wedding packages to fit your needs. You can choose from four different themes, Tropical, Rustic, Romantic, or Turquoise. 

That might seem limiting, but in reality, it’s so freeing! Instead of a million decisions to make over wedding decorations, you make one and you’re all set. Remember, the natural beauty surrounding you is what will be really setting the scene on your big day.

However, if you really have your heart set on certain elements, they are also happy to provide customizations. 

Each package is 7 hours and comes with a professional chef and delicious menus to choose from, and a regular or premium open bar. Some packages include a 1-hour DJ service, fire dancing performance, and bonfire for s’mores.  

At the end of the magical day, everyone piles back on board The Sea Lounge for a catamaran tour back to the hotel. You’ll head back tired, happy, and married from a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A Unique Catamaran Tour Wedding Experience

Having a destination wedding is already pretty exciting. Add a catamaran tour, a ceremony on a private beach, and a reception with a delectable array of local cuisine, and you’ve hit the jackpot. 

The folks from the Sea Lounge Catamaran tour company make it easy to avoid the wedding planning altogether by choosing one of their packages. Or you can make it exactly how you always imagined and work out a customized plan with them. Either way, your day will be unforgettable and magical.

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