Unique Ways to Get Married: Beach Destination Wedding with a Lithuanian Twist

Bride seated in a circle swing with groom at her side

Traditional weddings can be stressful…and expensive…and even sometimes full of drama. Everybody has their ideas about what the couple should do and not do.

To avoid it all, many couples are choosing to get married in a different way. They pack their bags and head off to an exotic destination like Costa Rica. The wedding planner handles the details, the guest list is short and only the most important people, and most people end up saving a bundle.

As a couple with a strong love for travel, Alex and Luke decided a destination wedding was the perfect way to celebrate their big day. Simple, relaxed and, in their case, with a Lithuanian twist.

Check out how great it turned out!

Mom getting ready with the bride

Meet Alex and Luke

Both Alex and Luke are hands-down the adventurous type. After all, they met on a diving trip in Roatan, Honduras. Since that life-changing trip, they’d been together for five years, affianced for two, and had decided it was time to make things official. 

They decided on a destination wedding for a few reasons, their love for travel and adventure being a big one. In fact, at the time they were communicating with me about taking their wedding photos, they had both quit their jobs in corporate America and were backpacking/traveling the world together.

Another big plus for them was being able to focus their special day on the bond between them and not have to worry about pleasing anyone else. To that end, they came to Costa Rica with only their family in tow to celebrate the occasion. 

Mom laughing with the bride as she gets ready to get married

Why a Destination Wedding in Costa Rica?

Out of all the places they could go to get married, why choose Costa Rica? After all, it isn’t the only dazzling location in the world where they could have a relaxed beach wedding.

As nature lovers with a passion for sustainability, they already had Costa Rica on their bucket list. They were itching to visit one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. On top of that, they love the Pura Vida aspect and attitude of the culture. As the final cherry on top, their families were also interested in visiting the country. 

So for their destination wedding, Costa Rica fit just right.

The couple opted to stay at Arenas del Mar, a 5-star luxury resort that has successfully married luxury with sustainability. They have several impressive sustainability awards to prove it, including the WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award and 5-Leaf Sustainability Award. As such, the resort was a natural choice for Alex and Luke. 

Bride dancing on the beach on her way to get married

The Lithuanian Twist

They held the ceremony on the private beach at Arenas del Mar. They chose to do “first look” photos before the ceremony as well as their portraits because they were saving something special for after the ceremony.

The ceremony itself was sweet and relaxed — everything that Alex and Luke had wanted. The sound of the surf in the background and the wind playing with the hem of Alex’s dress created the perfect music for their harmony. 

A special twist came right after the ceremony. Luke’s mother is from Lithuania and so they chose to incorporate a cool Lithuanian tradition.

It’s called the Maypole Dance. 

Alex and Luke stood in the middle holding hands and also long, colorful silks. Their family members danced around them in an intricate pattern holding the other end of the silks in such a way that it weaves around the hands of the bride and groom, binding them together. 

Groom on his way to get marriedFirst look on the beach before bride and groom go to get marriedBridal portraits on the beachBride and groom walking along the beach togetherBridal portraits before going to get marriedBridal portraits on the beach

Bride swinging on the beach
Just swinging on the beach

Bride swinging on the beachBridal portraits on the beachWedding ceremony setup on the beachBride reaching out to take groom's hand at the altarWedding guests looking on

Groom gets a little emotional as the bride reads her vows
A special moment during the ceremony

The bride reading her vowsBride and groom share their kissGroom hugging his momThe bride hugging a wedding guestFamily portrait on the beach with the bride and groomFamily portrait on the beach with the bride and groomCloseup of a little boy wedding guestFairy-like decorations for the receptionOverhead drone shot of the reception site

The bride and groom being the maypole for the maypole dance
The Maypole Dance!

Bride and groom share a crazy kissSilhouette/reflection shot of the bride and groom

In the video below, there is some cool drone video of the first look overlooking the Pacific Ocean:

Ready to Get Married in Costa Rica?

There are a million and one ways to get married. Having a destination wedding in an exotic location is just one awesome idea in a sea of great ones. However, I can assure you that you won’t regret a laid-back, relaxed beach wedding on the shores of this gorgeous country.

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