Unique Wedding Entertainment in Costa Rica

Outside the Catholic church in Herradura

Catalina and Diego did decided to have a fire dance at their wedding and it was amazing!

This two-part wedding started out solemnly in a Catholic church and ended poolside at the impressive Zephyr Palace in Villa Caletas. Check out how incredible it was and glean some ideas for your own unique wedding entertainment here!

A Wedding in Two Parts

Catalina and Diego are both Costa Ricans who wanted to take advantage of the best their country has to offer. They wanted to follow family traditions and get married in a Catholic church. However, they also wanted a fun party with interesting entertainment.

So they made it happen!

This classy wedding began in a stately Catholic church in Herradura. The ceremony was pretty long, as is normal in Catholic marriage tradition, and it was beautifully done. 

Once the ceremony ended, the couple and their guests all headed to the nearby luxury hotel Villa Caletas. This hotel has a special section called the Zephyr Palace which is a fantastic private venue set away from the rest of the hotel. 

The stunning pool and elegant architecture make it a lovely place to have a really classy wedding reception. As you’ll see in these images, there are a lot of interesting backdrops to spice up the wedding photos!

An Exciting Spectacle to Behold!

Before the dancing began, the Costa Rican group Arte y Fuego put on a stunning magic show performance. The audience was delighted by the group’s artful tricks, which included pulling a live dove out of…thin air!

After the magic show, the wedding couple and their guests got to enjoy a delicious dinner. This was followed by other, more traditional parts of the reception, such as the couple’s first dance.

But Arte y Fuego wasn’t done yet. Once the party was in full swing and darkness had fallen, the group came out again. This time they wowed the guests with their stunning fire show. 

Catalina, Diego, and all their guests were delighted by the entertainment!

Day After Pics

Because there was so much happening on the actual wedding day, Catalina and Diego opted for a day after photo session. These are always nice because the couple can relax and enjoy themselves after the jitters and excitement of the wedding day have worn off. 

Some people get all dressed up again for their day after photos, but Catalina and Diego decided to keep it casual. We headed down to the beach and captured the love that the two of them share, which is exactly what they wanted. 

Unique Wedding Entertainment in Costa Rica

Would you love a magic or fire show as your unique wedding entertainment? While those can be found anywhere, the ones in the magical country of Costa Rica are that much more amazing!

Check out Catalina and Diego’s Wooden Album Below!

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