Seven reasons to choose a destination wedding in Costa Rica

Why should you get married in Costa Rica?

You can have a destination wedding anywhere in the world, so why choose to get married in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a gorgeous place to visit, and it is an even more amazing place for a wedding.  Below are our top 7 reasons to get married in Costa Rica.

Reasons to get married in Costa Rica

Reason #1: You can’t get much more romantic than Costa Rica

Whether you want to have a simple elopement with just the two of you or bring along a few of your most favorite people, Costa Rica is such a romantic place. You can spend a day playing in the waves on a secret beach or go trekking deep into the rainforest and are guaranteed to build beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Most locations offer easy access to both pristine nature and luxurious resorts and restaurants so that you can sample the best of both worlds.

Backdrops in Costa Rica Weddings

Reason #2: The natural backdrops are absolutely stunning

If you’ve ever once even seen a photo of Costa Rica you know that this statement is true. If you haven’t then please be assured that you have to work hard to find a backdrop that isn’t amazing in this beautiful, tropical country. Costa Rica may be a small country but it is packed with natural beauty and oh so much variety! From epic rainforests overrun with vibrant wildlife to majestic mountain ranges to luxurious white sand beaches to brilliant sunsets, Costa Rica quite literally has it all!

Married in Flip Flops

Reason #3: You can walk around in flip flops or even barefoot without a care in the world

Let’s face it, planning a wedding is a pretty stressful undertaking–but not if you come to Costa Rica! You can’t find the perfect pair of shoes to match your dress? Go barefoot instead! You’re on the beach after all, no one is going to care. Many venues have expert wedding planners who are happy to take care of all the details and line up the best local vendors so your day goes off without a hitch–or maybe there are some hitches but everything is so special that you don’t even care.

Costa Rica easy destination wedding

Reason #4: An easy and safe destination for a wedding

Costa Rica has two international airports that have directs flights to many US cities so getting here is easy and you can choose the airport closest to your final destination. Plus there are domestic flights to all the major tourist destinations if you want to zoom over the top, or easy shuttles and other ground transportation to get you where you want to go while taking in the beautiful sights along the way.

Small wedding in Costa Rica

Reason #5: You don’t have to invite the whole world to your wedding

Okay, of course there are people in the world that love and get along well with everyone in their family. Well, I suppose they exist somewhere–like unicorns. But for the rest of us that don’t absolutely love everyone a destination wedding is a great excuse for not having to invite the people who fall into that category–plus that distant cousin you meant once when you were 7 that probably is an absolute joy just like your mom says but you just don’t actually have a relationship with.

Budget Wedding in Costa Rica

Reason #6: It can be more affordable than a traditional wedding

No matter how you look at it weddings end up costing a lot. Some people have to budget and save for years to pay for even a simple ceremony and reception in the States. An exotic destination wedding might sound like more dollar signs but in many cases it is actually less. Venues and vendors are generally much cheaper in Costa Rica than in the United States and you were already paying for airfare to go on a fabulous honeymoon. These days our friends and family tend to live pretty spread out so there might already be travel expenses for everyone to come to one location and who is really going to complain about getting a tropical vacation out of the deal? Which leads nicely to the next reason.

Waterfall Wedding in Costa Rica

Reason #7: An unforgettable experience for everyone involved

Many couples look back on their wedding day and say that things went so fast they barely remember what happened or who did what. But just imagine having a whole bunch of unforgettable tropical vacation experiences with the people closest to you! Taking the whole group on an unforgettable ziplining tour or whitewater rafting experience is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime and everyone will have a blast!

However you look at it a destination wedding will be an awesome experience that you will not regret. Just imagine how fantastic you will look in your photos with an epic waterfall behind you, or the rolling surf. Years down the road you will get to look back at a unique experience for that special day of your life.

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