Tying the Knot in Costa Rica

Bride and groom walking hand in hand

There are those who tie the knot figuratively when they get married, and there are those who tie the knot literally. 

Cassie and Jay are one of the latter couples. In fact, the knot they tied was pretty impressive! As a symbol of their intertwined lives, it sure was fitting. 

Check out how Cassie and Jay ended up tying the knot in Costa Rica in front of my camera. 

Details for tying the knot in Costa Rica

All Tied Up 

Cassie and Jay met back in 2015 at a climbing gym. Jay is an avid climber and Cassie came to visit one day — a little trip that changed the course of the rest of her life! 

Soon they found that the ropes of their lives had become entangled and destiny had brought them together forever.

The bride arranging her veil while getting ready

Convinced in Costa Rica

Cassie was not entirely on board with the whole destination wedding thing at the beginning of wedding planning. She was looking forward to a hometown wedding whereas Jay was feeling a bit more adventurous. A beach wedding also didn’t interest her, although I’m happy to report that Costa Rica has far more variety to offer than just beach weddings (although they are, of course, spectacular!)

However, she was open-minded about the idea and did a bit of research. She started with her bucket list as well as thought about the things she would like to enjoy with her family and friends for her wedding. 

Costa Rica checked a lot of her boxes, so they decided to make a pre-wedding trip to see if our little country was a good fit. 

Well, needless to say, Cassie became convinced in Costa Rica. They both fell in love with the people, the spectacular scenery, the delicious food, and the general vibe of the country. 

The bride preparing to walk down the aisle

A Rustic Venue for Tying the Knot

I mentioned earlier that Cassie didn’t want a beach wedding. For her, the venue needed to be super awesome. She wanted a rustic tropical vibe and was hoping their guests would be down with a semi-formal event. After that, they would kick off their shoes and kick up their heels for a dance party. 

For the venue, they settled on the Doce Lunas Hotel in Jacó. It had a more authentic Costa Rican vibe, which they absolutely loved. Plus, the restaurant was quite literally Cassie’s dream reception location.

Everything was perfectly set for being the wedding of her dreams — even if it didn’t take place in her home town. 

Tying the Knot in Costa Rica

Have you kicked around the idea of tying the knot in Costa Rica? Even if your original plan was to marry the love of your life in your home town you might find, like Cassie, that Costa Rica has something even more special to offer you. 

Just check out the photos! They had a spectacular wedding and a fantastic time with all their closest friends and family. If you feel on the fence, maybe an exploratory trip is in order!

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