second photographer at wedding

Wedding Photography Packages with a Second Photographer

Are two photographers better than one for your special day? Do you need a second photographer for your wedding?

Let’s explore the benefits of hiring a second photographer to find out. 

Full Wedding Package with a Second Photographer

Even at a small wedding, it’s hard for the primary photographer to be everywhere at once. A lot of the time the action is concentrated on just the wedding couple, but there are moments when you two aren’t together. 

A perfect example is while you’re getting ready. With two photographers, one can accompany each of you and your entourages without racing against the clock. A lot of these natural and candid moments during the getting ready part of the day take time to develop, so having a photographer with each partner really helps capture all those little moments.

Multiple Angles

With two photographers, special moments are also captured from different angles. 

For example, your iconic kiss at the altar will come from two different points of view. This goes for the first look and first dance.

Aside from this, two photographers will generally shoot from different locations during the ceremony and reception. Their images will portray the events from a unique perspective, enriching the overall story your photographs relate. 

Reactions from Your Guests

Your memories of your special day won’t just include the two of you. Your family and friends, the people that care about you the most have come to celebrate with you too. 

But, there’s a lot that you’ll miss. 

For example, when you’re standing with your beloved, exchanging vows, the only thing you’ll see is their love-filled eyes. You will never see the look on your mom’s face or your dad surreptitiously wiping away a tear. 

The second photographer will capture those moments forever. 

While the primary is covering the two of you, the second is able to keep an eye on the guests and capture those priceless reactions that you would otherwise never see. The same thing happens during the reception and countless other times throughout the day.

Documenting Every Moment of Your Special Wedding with a Second Photographer

I LOVE it when couples choose a package with a second shooter. With larger weddings, two photographers really helps to tell a more complete version of the day, filled with all those little fleeting moments.

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