Sailboat Wedding Costa Rica: Destination Wedding on The Blangala Sailboat


There’s something special about elopements.  Just two people in love making a special day for themselves.

In my opinion, Costa Rica is one of the best places to elope. There are so many fun ways that you can tie the knot. Like Rachel and Randy who decided to have their wedding on a sailboat in Costa Rica.

Sailboat Wedding Costa Rica

Randy and Rachel met in Tampa, FL at a restaurant called Hula Bay. Rachel was part of a group that went out paddleboarding every Wednesday evening. When Randy decided to join one lovely evening, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever.

They hit it off from the start, chatting while out on the water and then sitting together in the restaurant afterward. One of the first things they connected over were the trips they had each taken to Costa Rica. Both were enchanted by this beautiful little country.

When it came time to plan the wedding they decided they wanted to do something different. They also wanted to do something that was unique to them and enjoy a special time together.

Since they met on the water, what better way to tie the knot than with a wedding on the water? And what better place to do it than Costa Rica, one of their first conversation topics?

And so, Randy and Rachel’s lovely intimate elopement aboard the Blangala came to be. 

Los Sueños Resort and Marina in Herradura

Los Sueños is a world-class marina and resort located in Jaco, Costa Rica. In addition to the stunning marina the resort boasts an 18-hole golf course, fine dining, luxurious accommodations, private beach club, spa, and even an emergency clinic.

It is from this luxurious marina that Randy and Rachel decided to begin their sunset wedding cruise on the Blangala.

The Blangala Catamaran Sailboat: Wedding on the Water

The Blangala is a small sailing vessel the perfect size for the intimate experience that Randy and Rachel were looking for. The ship’s captain, Alejandro, also served as the officiant for their wedding.  The day was cloudy yet warm, perfect weather for sailing in Costa Rica where the sun can get intense.

In spite of a bit of a thunderstorm, Alejandro expertly guided his craft out onto the water. The ceremony took place near La Isla Palma and was simple, yet poignant. Randy and Rachel exchanged rings and vows in front of the spectacular backdrop that is the Pacific Ocean.

To enjoy the incredible beauty of Randy and Rachel’s wedding on the water check out the photos below.

Happy bride excited about her wedding!



destination wedding couple

Bride and Groom helping to get the ship underway.

destination-wedding-on-the-waterdestination-wedding-on-the-waterdestination-wedding-on-the-waterdestination-wedding-on-the-waterDestination wedding on the water

Sailboat Wedding Costa Rica
Relaxing over the water!

Closeup of destination wedding couple.Closeup of destination wedding couple.Destination wedding couple chatting/laughing with the captain.Destination wedding couple lounging while boat crew keeps them on course.Closeup of destination wedding couple on the Blangala sailboat.Destination wedding couple holding hands on the wedding boat and looking out to the horizon.Closeup of destination wedding couple on the beach.B&W photo of destination wedding couple with the wedding boat in the background.Are you inspired by their wedding? Check out my resource page on Where to get married in Costa Rica so you can plan your own amazing destination wedding!

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