Rain for a Rainforest Wedding? No Problem!

Wedding at Gaia hotel and resort

Last month I photographed a wedding ceremony in the rain at Gaia Hotel and Reserve. I mean I have shot wedding ceremonies in the rain before, but never in rain like this. Not only was it coming down like cats and dogs, but it was super windy as well. I had to have my assistant holding one umbrella over me, as well as one umbrella out to the side to protect my camera from the wind being blown in at us.

Luckily, the bride and groom Kathy and Marc were excited about getting married in the rain. They were enthusiastic about the fact that we are indeed in the rainforest here; and well, sometimes it just needs to rain. The wind blowing around actually made for some great mist that gives the photos a different look to them.

The rain didn’t stop, so we decided to have a separate portrait session the following morning. Fortunately, it rained hard all night and the next morning the skies were a gorgeous blue with some nice clouds. Kathy and Marc were great and still in the best mood, and we got to move around the whole beach and were able to get some great photos.

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It might not be ideal to have it raining cats and dogs on your wedding day, but that’s always a risk with a rainforest wedding! However, they aren’t all that way! Just check out these gorgeous shots from another wedding at Gaia that was sunny and beautiful!

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  • When we planned our beach wedding, we were not envisioning rain for our ceremony. even though we knew there was a possibility of it. Once it started raining, we had the option to change the location, however, we didn’t because we came to Costa Rica to get married on the beach. Kevin Heslin proved to be the most talented photographer we have ever worked with. He is extremely creative and really captured our day perfectly. As the rain hit and began to come down harder, he was able to deal with this with ease never missing a moment. Due to the rain, we were unable to have the sunset pictures we had planned on once the ceremony was over. Kevin graciously offered to come back the next morning and do another session on the beach. At this session, we had so much fun as Kevin really understood who we are despite just meeting us in person during this trip. He knew how to interact with us and bring the best our of both of us. He captured the true feelings of happiness and love that Marc and I share with one another. Our pictures show proof of that. Finally, Kevin quickly provided our “sneak peek” slideshow that were were able to see and share with family and friends. Upon receiving this, we could not stop watching it. I am very thankful to Kevin and his services and highly recommend him to anyone! Thank you! Kathleen Dann

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