Peace and Quiet: A Costa Rica Wedding Getaway

The bride and groom on the beach during their costa rica wedding getaway

Shayleigh and Reese wanted to avoid other tourists and the crowds by staying at the beach and instead immerse themselves in the peace and quiet offered by the Costa Rican countryside. 

By taking a quick trip to the beach for the wedding ceremony and pictures, they really got to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll see what I mean in these few incredible images from their special day!

The dress hanging in a round doorway

Getting Ready on the Farm

Don’t get me wrong, staying by the beach is awesome. And if you want some privacy there are plenty of boutique hotels tucked into the jungle that are set up with privacy in mind for their guests. 

However, there is a quiet stillness that you can only find in the countryside. Luckily, you don’t have to go far from Manuel Antonio to find it and that’s exactly what Shayleigh and Reese and their family did. 

the bride laughing while getting ready
the bride getting ready for her Costa Rica wedding getaway
The bride with her bridesmaids

Finca Tranquila

They stayed in a villa on a property called Finca Tranquila, which literally translates to Quiet Farm. The place is located just a few miles out of Quepos but you definitely enter the Costa Rican countryside to get there. 

Step outdoors in Finca Tranquila and you’ll only hear the quiet. Every once in a while the call of a toucan or a scarlet macaw might break the stillness but that’s about it. 

It’s pretty magical.

And our lucky couple and their family loved it for their Costa Rica wedding getaway!

The first few photos you see here of them getting ready were taken out at this gorgeous luxury property. Shayleigh requested doing a first look with her dad before leaving Finca Tranquila. You can see how lush and green everything is on the grounds in those photos. 

Close up of the bride's happy face
Bridesmaids laughing as they help the bride finish up
The bride ready for her Costa Rica wedding getaway
She’s ready!

Party in the Pool

The couple didn’t want to miss out on spending time with their guests so Shayleigh and Reese opted for a portrait session on the beach the next day. Immediately after the ceremony, everybody headed back out to Finca Tranquila to enjoy the reception. 

A great time was had by all. The highlight of the event was watching the entire wedding party jump into the swimming pool!

Beautiful Beach Ceremony

Once they were ready, everybody loaded up and headed to the beach for a lovely beach ceremony. Chairs were set up in a lovely, shaded nook under some trees and the waves came rolling up the beach behind the couple. 

Shayleigh specifically requested photos of Reese as he saw her coming down the aisle so I couldn’t miss those! His little smile when he saw her says it all. 

Her uncle officiated the wedding, which made things even more special. Both Reese and Shayleigh teared up a little as they spoke their vows, attesting to the depth of their love for one another. 

Day After Session

The next morning, the bride and groom headed back out to the beach with me for an intimate portrait session. It’s always great to do pictures the day after. The wedding jitters have worn off and couples are more relaxed and super into each other. 

We got some beautiful images of the two of them surrounded by beachy beauty. 

We finished up the session at Makanda by the Sea, the hotel where the pair would be staying for their honeymoon. This is a perfect example of a boutique hotel close to the beach that offers its guests plenty of privacy. Plus there are some really cool places to take photos!

Below is a look at the unveiling of their wedding album.

Your Costa Rica Wedding Getaway

Have you been inspired by Shayleigh and Reese’s Costa Rica wedding getaway? Sometimes people think that destination weddings get too complicated. In reality, packing up and heading out into the Costa Rican countryside for a bit of peace and quiet is exactly what some people need. 

What if you really want to head out in to the countryside? Check out this amazing glamping wedding that took place in the middle of nowhere!

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