What is one of the best things about taking pictures in Costa Rica? The scenery. Where else can you get such magnificent vistas? 

And there’s so much variety! You can have a photoshoot in a waterfall near Manuel Antonio and a sunset session on the beach — all on the same day! 

Have you thought about planning your next couple or family photoshoot at a waterfall? Magical places await those willing to trek into her jungles. 

Intrigued? Check out some inspiration here as well as information on having your own amazing waterfall photoshoot!

Nauyaca Falls

Nauyaca Waterfalls is one of the most impressive places to visit in Costa Rica. This gigantic set of double falls on the pristine river Barú is tucked into the rainforest a few kilometers inland from Dominical on the Pacific Coast. 

The upper falls are huge at about 147 feet tall and a second 65-foot waterfall tumbles from the base. So yes, you read that right, this magnificent set of waterfalls stands over 200 feet high!

There are quite a few amazing waterfalls scattered around the country. I feel lucky to have perhaps Costa Rica’s most amazing waterfall near Manuel Antonio where I live and work!

Waterfall Photoshoot Ideas at Nauyaca Falls

As you might imagine, the photo opportunities in this place are amazing. 

When you arrive at the site, the trail divides into two short trails. The one going up leads you to the base of the upper falls and the one going down takes you to the pool at the bottom of the lower waterfall.

On the upper side (if there isn’t a ton of water) you can climb out on the rocks a little to get impressive images of little bitty you next to the gigantic falls. However, that’s about it. The lower falls is where it’s at!

At the bottom, there is a big pool large enough for swimming around. Around the periphery, there are boulders that are perfect for climbing or sitting on and some flat(ish) areas where you can picnic. 

The flat areas are perfect for posing in front of the waterfall and the boulders offer plenty of interesting angles to give your images some variety. However, it almost doesn’t matter where you stand, it’s so easy to get majestic images with this amazing monstrosity behind you! 

For those who don’t mind getting wet, the pool offers a refreshing spot to swim and get gorgeous water images!

Where Is Nauyaca Falls?

Nauyaca Falls is tucked into the jungle near the small town of Dominical on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 

One of the best things about Nauyaca Falls is that it is relatively easy to get to from the Manuel Antonio area. Quepos to Nauyaca Falls is only about a 45-minute drive and the road is well-maintained. For those staying farther south, Dominical to Nauyaca Falls is only 10 kilometers

Getting to Nauyaca Falls

Adventurous folks can hike to the waterfall. However, the trek is 6 kilometers one way from the office or you can get closer and park in a small parking lot 4 kilometers from the falls. The hike to Nauyaca Falls isn’t grueling, though there are a few hilly areas so visitors should be in moderately decent shape. 

Keep your camera at the ready because there is a good chance you’ll see some wildlife on your way. Toucans, other birds, and butterflies are pretty common to see and lucky people with good eyes might even spot a sloth!

However, the hot and sweaty look from hoofing it through the humid Costa Rican rainforest isn’t the best idea for a photoshoot. 

Thankfully, a Nauyaca waterfall tour company takes care of this problem with their truck ride to the falls. You still get a short tour of the jungle, without the sweaty effort of hiking. I mean, you’ll still be sweaty, but it won’t be as bad. 

The only downside is that you are less likely to see much wildlife. 

For those looking for a different kind of adventure, there is also a horseback riding option. The tour will take you to the falls on horseback and then give you ample time to enjoy the falls before mounting up to head back.

Your Photoshoot in a Waterfall

Are you inspired to have your own amazing photoshoot in a waterfall? It’s a perfect backdrop for everyone. I’ve documented several engagements and even a few weddings at this amazing place, so I can tell you it’s a delightful spot for couples. 

The truck option makes it easy even for family photos. Kids don’t have to make the trek but you can all enjoy taking photos and splashing about in the pool. (Note: the pool is deep so do keep an eye on your littles!)

Interested? I have lots of waterfall photo ideas that I can’t wait to offer you. Reach out today to learn more about this adventurous photoshoot option!

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Check out this drone video of Nauyaca Waterfalls after a big rain below (click on 1080 resolution option):

Nauyaca Waterfalls after a big rain.