Destination Inspiration: Visiting Costa Rica Sparks an Impromptu Wedding!


Manuel Antonio Wedding Photography

Recently, my friend Marjorie asked if I could shoot an impromptu wedding for some of her friends who were visiting.  So within just a few days she was able to plan a very simple and intimate wedding. They were staying at the Gaia Hotel and Reserve, but the ceremony was held down on the famous Manuel Antonio Beach.

Marjorie did an awesome job taking care of all the logistics of the wedding like finding the dress, making a flower arrangement, decorations, etc.  She even had the great idea of bringing a fedora for the wedding which got playfully passed around from person to person, and it turns out it looks great in the photos.

Another friend of ours, Vielka, was able to officiate this impromptu wedding ceremony.  So we rolled up to the beach pirate style and staked out a nice spot just up from the surf school.  It was a short and sweet ceremony and the bride and groom were so cheerful and energetic.

Afterward, we spent a few minutes shooting some portraits along the beach.  The whole experience was so relaxed and fun and made for a very unique wedding.

Unique Wedding Photography in Costa RicaUnique Wedding Photography in Costa RicaPregnant bride in Costa Rica.Signing wedding papers in Costa Rica.

My friend Marjorie signing as a witness to the marriage.

Vielka the Lawyer for the ceremony with the infamous fedora.

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