Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica: Arenas del Mar

Manuel Antonio Wedding Photographer

Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica: Arenas del Mar

Amber and Mike are an awesome couple, totally laid back and you can see how in love they are when they look at each other. Earlier this month I was fortunate to be the photographer at their elopement at Hotel Arenas del Mar, here in Manuel Antonio. As luxury hotels in Costa Rica go, Arenas del Mar is a fantastic option for destination weddings.

The beach at Arenas del Mar is one of my favorite beaches in the area. It is surrounded on both sides with very dramatic lava rocks, which are no fun to walk on but make for great backdrops for photos. There are also a lot less people on this beach as you need to enter either by climbing over these rocks at low tide from the main beach, or through the hotel itself.

Amber and Mike had an intimate ceremony, with all the fine details like guitarist and flower petals and lovely flower strings organized by Sylvia from Costa Rica Paradise Weddings.

Amazing Photo Ops

After the ceremony, as it was just Amber and Mike, I was able to take them for a walk along the length of the beach and look for fun and interesting places to take some photos.

I thought that we would not be able to see the sunset from the beach at Arenas del Mar. However, we were able to climb up on some of the higher rocks and this gave us a different vantage point to see further out into the ocean past some of the landmasses that were blocking the sunset from the beach.

It turned out to be a stunning sunset. After the sun went down, and we were packing up, Amber turned around and ran into the water to wash off some of the sand. I knew I had to take out my camera for one last shot of her running to the water with the post-sunset reds in the sky. Check out the amazing shot that it turned out to be below!

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Sunset at Arenas del Mar
Here’s that epic shot of Amber running through the water!

Your Wedding at Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Who wouldn’t want to have an epic wedding like this at Arenas del MarTo check out more photos from the venue click on my complete guide below:

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  • Kevin, Thank you so much for these photos – we love them! It was such a pleasant surprise to get them early as well. I’m amazed at how many great shots there are given that our wedding was so short! Thank you again 🙂

  • congratulations to Amber and Mike ! great couple , lovely pictures , it was an honor to plan your wedding (Sylvia by Costa Rica Paradise Wedding )

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