Living It Up at a Luxury Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Do you dream of a luxury destination wedding in Costa Rica? It’s a pretty spectacular dream!

Every year, thousands of happy couples come to Costa Rica’s beautiful jungle and shores to make special wedding memories. Whether they choose a mountainous, jungle area with a proliferation of tropical flora or a beach wedding with the magnificent ocean, it’s quite amazing!

Clare and Matt dreamed of a wonderful luxury destination wedding in Costa Rica. And that’s exactly what they got. Check it out here!

The Perfect Venue

If there’s one place to have a luxury destination wedding in Costa Rica, it’s the Zephyr Palace at Villa Caletas. This exclusive area of Villa Caletas is even more awesome than the rest of the luxury hotel. 

There are 7 luxury suites with different exotic themes, such as African or Egyptian. The common areas feature Greek-inspired architecture with towering columns. 

Many people, Clare and Matt included, choose to hold the ceremony by the pool. The infinity pool is surrounded by Grecian columns and the edge opens out into a magnificent view over the Pacific Ocean. Many evenings, the sun puts on a spectacular display as it sinks into the ocean. 

It is the perfect blend of nature’s awesomeness and mankind’s architectural ingenuity. And it was the perfect choice for Clare and Matt. The weather couldn’t have been better and the sky began to light up near the end of their ceremony. The photos we were able to get are downright stunning!

All Their Favorite People

Who says that destination weddings have to be tiny, intimate affairs? Plenty of family members would be overjoyed with the excuse to go on a vacation to Costa Rica!

Clare and Matt’s wedding definitely proves this to be true. About 60 people came to celebrate with Clare and Matt. In other words, this couple got to have their cake and eat it too. They got to enjoy a luxury destination wedding in Costa Rica and be surrounded by all their favorite people.

They made sure I knew that they wanted a keepsake of everyone that attended. I made sure to capture lots of images of the guests who came to celebrate this special couple. 

Tearing up the Dance Floor

Lots of couples do a first dance and some even spice it up a little with a cool routine. Clare and Matt were in the latter group. 

They are big into dancing and a good photo of their dance was another of their requests. Your wish is my command! Check out their epic dance image at the end!

A Luxury Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Are you feeling inspired by Clare and Matt’s luxury destination wedding in Costa Rica? I promise, it’s impossible to have an ordinary wedding in this country. But when you cross a fancy venue like Zephyr Palace with the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica…magic happens!

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