An Intimate Wedding to Remember in Dominical, Costa Rica

Ever wanted to run away and get married on a deserted island? It might be a little impractical given the pesky bugs and the lack of a comfortable place to sleep. But there are places in the world–like Dominical, Costa Rica–where you can get the deserted island atmosphere without the deserted island inconveniences.

Shannon says she always wanted to get married on an island surrounded by nature. She wanted the opportunity to go on tranquil hikes and enjoy fun outdoorsy activities. So she and Josh decided to do just that and had a gorgeous, intimate wedding in Dominical, Costa Rica. It might not be an island but it’s the right feel!

The bride before her intimate wedding in Dominical, Costa Rica
The blushing bride!

Dominical, Costa Rica

Dominical, Costa Rica is a small town about 30-40 minutes south of the larger, and more well-known Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. It doesn’t have huge fancy resorts or 5-star golf courses, but it does have down-to-earth natural beauty. The town sits right on the beach and is a very chill hangout for surfers and people who just want to relax.

For an even more intimate beach experience, visitors can hop in the car and head about 15 minutes south to Playa Hermosa. Playa Hermosa in Spanish literally means ‘beautiful beach’ and this place holds up to its name.

This is what Shannon and Josh decided to do for the ceremony to enjoy a beautiful stretch of beach and have it all to themselves.

"nacho average bride" getting ready for her big day!

A Few Twists and Turns

Shannon and Josh’s love story isn’t the classic ‘love-at-first-sight’ romance. Shannon befriended Josh’s sister Jaclyn when she joined the same sorority in college. Thus, their paths crossed several times over the years. But each time they did, one or the other was in a relationship with someone else.

Finally, about 4 years after they first met, they ended up living on the same street. The time was finally right for their love to blossom. The powers that be had to work a little harder to get these two together, but they finally succeeded!

Portrait of the bride

Private Villa in Dominical

Shannon and Josh wanted a more down-to-earth experience for their wedding. Fancy hotels are nice, but they wanted to relax in a more private setting and enjoy time with their families. They also wanted to get out and adventure a little in the beautiful rainforests of Costa Rica!

A private villa in Dominical, Costa Rica was the perfect option for them. It was big enough for everyone and they didn’t have to worry about the bustling tourist crowds that sometimes fill the resort areas.

It was the perfect space to get all decked out before heading to the beach for the ceremony!

The bride's mother and brother lead the way to the beach

An Intimate Ceremony

The groom’s sister Jaclyn already had a bit of wedding planning experience as she had just planned her own. She was happy to roll up her sleeves and help these two plan a perfect little intimate wedding in Dominical.

They even asked her to officiate the ceremony! This was a special touch for all of them since she had been an integral part in their meeting and finally getting together.

Barefoot on the beach and with only their closest family members in tow, Josh and Shannon made their sweet vows to one another.

The groom's smile as his bride comes toward him
Look at that smile!

The bride's sweet smile as she gazes at her groom

Not to be outdone by this smile!

A simple yet powerful ceremonyGoing in for the kiss!Photos with the bride's familybridal portraits in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa ricaHaving fun after the intimate ceremonyDancing at the private villa in Dominical, Costa Ricabridal portraits on the beach in dominical, costa rica

Your Wedding in Dominical

Luxury destination weddings at a big fancy resort are lovely. But for some couples, a chill little affair on a deserted section of beach with the people they love most is just perfect. If that sounds like you, you may want to check out getting married in Dominical, Costa Rica!

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