Forest Wedding with Waterfalls and Hanging Bridges!

Bride and groom at base of waterfall in costa rican rainforest

When you think of destination weddings in Costa Rica, beaches with brilliant sunsets and succulent tropical delicacies for the reception probably come to mind. While the beach weddings are spectacular, that’s not the only breathtaking outdoor wedding venue that Costa Rica has to offer.

Imagine taking a trek instead through the verdant Costa Rican rainforest. The sweet scent of rainforest flora hangs in the air. Monkeys can be heard chattering to one another and toucans call in the distance.

That’s exactly what Rebecca and Scott did for their epic forest wedding in Costa Rica. As you can see from the photos it was an amazing experience!

Forest Wedding - Bride and groom on suspension bridge in costa rican rainforest

The Couple: Rebecca and Scott

Rebecca and Scott wrote to me saying they met through mutual friends and have now spent six years as a couple and knew it was time now to make things official.

To do that, they decided instead of getting married in a beautiful church or venue in their town, they wanted to make it a real adventure. Neither Rebecca or Scott had ever been to Costa Rica but the country’s diversity and wildlife caught their eye and they knew it’d be the perfect place for the ceremony.

Rainmaker Conservation Project

Since diversity and wildlife were what drew them to Costa Rica, it only made sense to get married in a place where they could enjoy that. So, instead of a ritzy villa or beachside venue, Rebecca and Scott opted for a forest wedding at the Rainmaker Conservation Project.

The Rainmaker is a beautiful 1,500-acre reserve. The staff is dedicated to both preserving their own reserve as well as promoting rainforest and ecological preservation throughout Costa Rica.

The reserve boasts several kilometers of trails, including six suspension bridges up in the rainforest canopy. From these vantage points, visitors can see all sorts of flora and fauna in the Costa Rican rainforest. Don’t worry, the trails and bridges are designed to US standards and have minimum impact on the ecosystem so it’s perfectly safe for both visitors and the rainforest.

Waterfall ceremony in the Costa Rican rainforest

Waterfall Ceremony

A pristine little river flows through the reserve and you’ll come across it several times if you take the tour. The best part about the river? The waterfalls! Rebecca and Scott chose the perfect little spot for their ceremony right at the base of one of these beauties.

What more peaceful, idyllic spot can there be for a wedding? Just take a look at the beauty here!

wedding photo collage

The look on the groom’s face!

bride and groom with the waterfall

the group of adventurers on a hanging suspension bridge
The wedding part poses on a hanging bridge!

The bride strolling across a hanging bridge in the Costa Rican rainforestBride and groom on suspension bridge in costa rican rainforestSpotlight on the brideforest-wedding-costa-ricaforest-wedding-costa-ricaforest-wedding-costa-ricaBride and groom on suspension bridge in costa rican rainforest

Your Forest Wedding in Costa Rica

Aren’t these photos inspiring? A forest wedding in Costa Rica is an awesome way to get out in nature and enjoy an intimate ceremony with your spouse.

With a couple of adventurous friends, Rebecca and Scott enjoyed a lovely time. Plus, they got the chance to take some unconventional wedding photos in a beautiful setting.

For more great ideas about where to get married in Costa Rica, check out my guide here!

Wedding planner: The great Meghan from Mil Besos Luxury Weddings

Flowers: Floristeria Quepos

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