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Portrait Sessions

Family Portrait Sessions in Costa Rica


There are few things more memorable than taking a trip to the beach as a family. A family portrait shoot on the beach in Costa Rica is a fun way to commemorate this amazing experience. What better way to remember the outing than a gorgeous photograph of you all on a gorgeous beach? This is why all my family portrait packages come with a framed print for the wall. And, once you get your prints you’ll have tangible memories in hand that you can hang on your wall, or on the spot of honor on your desk. Instead of going home with the same souvenirs, you’ll have unique quality photographs that you can cherish for years to come.

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I bet you have a million photos of your kids in your phone. But how many photographs do you have of all of you together? And how many of these are actually up on the wall in your house, and not just buried in your cell phone. Believe me, I get it. Always being behind the camera, I need to make a conscious effort to make sure I am in some photographs as well where its not just a selfie with my family. Go ahead and plan that hour where you don’t need to chase after your kids with the cell phone, and let me get some amazing wall art of you all as a family.

digital files from photo shoot

After the session, you’ll receive beautiful, high-resolution digital files via your online gallery. You are free to use and enjoy these photos any way you see fit. With no restrictions, you can print your images to hang them on your wall and post your images online to your heart’s delight.

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Knowing what to wear, where to go, and at what time of day to have a portrait session can be overwhelming. To make it easier, I am here to help you every step of the way. And you can rest assured that I follow all the necessary protocols to keep you and your family safe during the session.

Framed prints Costa Rica

I understand how important it is to have tangible memories that you can hold in your hands. This is why all my collections include prints and options to upgrade to larger sizes. Family Heirlooms are the ultimate keepsake to show the world who you love and why you love them.

Behind the Scenes at a Recent Family Session

Do You Have Family Photographs You Love?

Your family is always growing and changing. As parents, we are amazed at how fast time flies by and how quickly our kids get bigger. Photographs are our way of catching these precious moments and carrying them with us forever.

Unfortunately, getting the right family portrait can be a challenge.

Taking your own family portraits means that somebody gets left out of the shot…or else you’re running back and forth to beat the timer with your camera on a tripod. Someone will inevitably not be ready when the camera clicks.

Perhaps finding the right photographer has been a struggle for you. The ones you’ve talked to never seem to “get” the vision you have for your photos or they don’t understand how to capture your family in a sincere way and get the right smiles from your kids.

Or maybe you do have some awesome photos, but it’s been a few years. Your children are bigger now, they’re entering new phases of life, and it’s time for some new memories for your wall.

Document a special family event

People often come on vacation to Costa Rica for special events. They come to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and so much more! Many times, extended families scattered in different states all come together to Costa Rica to spend time with one another. This is the perfect opportunity to document all of you together! A longer, extended family session gives us time to capture all of you together, as well as get some candids of your kids and all their cousins running around together on the beach.

Multi Hour Sessions

Do you think a standard session won’t be enough time for you?  Are you looking for something totally different?  How many times have you documented a special family activity?

We can document a fun activity like your family building and enjoying a bonfire, or surfing or yoga lessons, or all of you exploring the coast on a private catamaran tour.   There will be no stiff, posed portraits here — when you do a family activity together, you’re going to forget all about the camera and we will document some real moments of you spending time together.

What’s Stopping You From Hanging Family Photographs on Your Wall?

What’s your biggest roadblock to getting new photos? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the whole process? I understand that choosing your favorite images from the set, understanding the aspect ratios for printing digital files and the actual act of getting them printed is kind of a big job — not to mention confusing.

You might love your photographs and happily carry them around with you on your phone, but getting them printed and up on your wall where you’ll see them every day feels like an insurmountable task. You keep putting it off because you don’t have time and then suddenly 6 months go by and you never hang up your photographs.

The Convenience of a Full-Service Photographer

Getting gorgeous family photos that you can hang on your wall shouldn’t be stressful. You shouldn’t be agonizing over which photographs to pick or if they look better in color or in black and white. You shouldn’t be struggling to find time to figure out how and where to get your photographs printed.

The only thing you should be doing is having a blast with your family during a fun, safe, relaxed Family portrait session in Costa Rica. No more trying to figure out the right aspect ratio for the frame or wondering why your high-resolution images didn’t print so well when you took them to your local printer. Just show up to the beach, have fun, and a few weeks later you will have your wall art ready to put on your wall.

Just fill out the info below and I can get in touch and hear all about your family!