An Exotic Villa Wedding at the Gorgeous Casa Maravilla in Costa Rica

Casa Maravilla Costa Rica

Casa Maravilla Wedding Costa Rica

Marcia and Hank are almond farmers from California and are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They decided to have an exotic villa wedding with just close friends and family at Casa Maravilla in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

Casa Maravilla was the perfect venue for an intimate villa wedding like this, as everyone could all get ready together as the rooms were just a few steps away from where the wedding ceremony would be.

Likewise, the area for the ceremony was a gorgeous spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a great vantage spot to see the sunset. Afterward, we had a couple of toasts and enjoyed an excellent lobster dinner.

Wedding guest in Casa Maravilla.overhead view of a villa weddingThe bride during the ceremonyThe bride and groom share a hugThe bride and groom pose for photosvilla wedding in manuel antonio, Costa RicaFloating candles in the pool at a villa wedding

An Exotic Villa Wedding

Ever dream of having an exotic villa wedding like this one? It certainly is a great way to spend some quality time with your closest friends and family while making the biggest promise of your life. Not only does everyone get to go on vacation together, but you can pick your most favorite people to come and celebrate with you.

For more inspiration be sure to check out this other wedding that I photographed. There are no end to the gorgeous backdrops that Costa Rica offers to wedding couples.

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  • Kevin is an amazing artist. I found him online and loved his work right off but decided to use a wedding planner for my destination wedding in the beginning. She had her own recommendation for a photographer and I was disappointed to say the least. Eventually, I ended up letting go of the wedding planner, hired Kevin and the officiant I found online and Kevin helped me find a florist and solo guitarist. Everything turned out perfectly! The comfort level I felt with Kevin from the contract level to the time he came to the house to introduce himself in person was always professional but relaxed. He sent me some pictures of his parents since Hank and I are an older couple. He captures such positive reflection in the photos he takes and is able to be creative, spontaneous and fun without being intrusive. I think he has such a gift and am so happy with our photo album. It was such a pleasure working with him.

  • Kevin as I am a Photographer also I must say You did a great JOB in caputuring there exprection, I could not have done any better.

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