Elopement in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Spotlight on Gaia Hotel

eloping in Costa Rica

Many couples opt for an easier way of doing things than a big wedding and the stress that may come with it. To get away from it all, many couples choose an elopement in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica instead of staying home for their wedding.

What better way to really enjoy a wedding than to spend it with just the one most important to you? Then, afterward, you don’t even have to go anywhere for your honeymoon. You’re already in place and ready to let the fun begin the day after your ceremony!

So what magical place constantly comes up as one of the best places to elope in Costa Rica? Gaia Hotel! Let’s take a quick look at Kerry and Justin’s magical beach elopement in Manuel Antonio. Once you see the photos I’m sure you’ll agree, a beach elopement sounds like a pretty epic idea!

Bride getting ready

The Couple: Kerry and Justin

eloping in Costa Rica

It takes a special pair to throw caution to the wind and run off to a foreign land to get married. Kerry and Justin decided they wanted to take a special time for themselves as a couple and enjoy an intimate wedding ceremony in Costa Rica.

Simple, yet poignant, love blossoms in the most ordinary of circumstances.

They saw each other all the time as a matter of routine since Kerry shopped at the health food store where Justin works. He caught her eye and she started deliberately heading for his check out stand when it came time to pay.

Then, one ordinary day that was not so ordinary, they decided to exchange phone numbers and have a picnic together. After 4 years of adventures together, they decided to start the biggest adventure of their lives–marriage.

eloping in Costa Rica

Elopement in Manuel Antonio, at the Gaia Hotel

When researching the best places to elope in Costa Rica, up popped Gaia Hotel. The laidback lifestyle, natural beauty, and abundance of wildlife in Manuel Antonio caught their eye. It seemed like the perfect place to have their special day.

And with all the amazing natural beauty, rich culture, and exciting things to do, who wouldn’t want to come to visit!

eloping in Costa Rica

Eloping on the Beach

Kerry and Justin wanted a stress-free wedding experience and that’s exactly what they got!

They chose to have their wedding at Hotel Gaia in Manuel Antonio, which is a great spot where nature and luxury go hand in hand. The rooms are comfortable and spacious, many of which offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Yet, they still manage to be tucked in the jungle so you get that great jungle vibe.

For bird and wildlife lovers, the Scarlet Macaw conservation project that Gaia has is an absolute must-see! If you come to visit, be sure to take the guided tour to learn all about these magnificent creatures.

The wedding planning at Gaia is also top-notch. Kerry and Justin didn’t have to worry about a thing as Sandy the expert wedding planner took care of every detail. Right down to the simple, yet stunning, palm branch arbor on the beach to frame the couple during the ceremony.

Just check out their awesome photos! I’m sure you’ll agree, this beautiful spot is one of the best places to elope out there!

Radiant bride in Costa Rica, one of the best places to elope.Epic palm frond and flower arbor on the beach

Groom hanging out on the beach

Happy groom in one of the best places to elope on earth!
The groom taking a stroll through paradise.

Happy bride in one of the best places to elope on earth!Best places to elope on the beach

The bride's face during the ceremony!
What a huge smile of happiness!

The groom's face during the ceremony

Exchanging vows during the beach elopement.
Exchanging vows!


The bride posing in the waves after her beach elopementThe happy couple strolling along the beachThe happy couple strolling after their beach elopement in one of the best places to elope.Piggyback ride on the beach after their elopement!

Your Beach Elopement

A destination wedding in Costa Rica is a fabulous way to enjoy a stress-free wedding and adventure honeymoon all rolled into one. That’s why eloping in Costa Rica has become quite popular.

For more information about getting married in Costa Rica, check out my guide getting married legally in Costa Rica. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to take care of the paperwork. No need for extra headaches!

Check out my guide for eloping in Costa Rica.

Wedding Planner – Sandy Schmidt with Gaia

If you would like more info on getting married at the Gaia Hotel and Reserve, I got a guide for that too 😉

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