Sunrise Elopement at Hotel Parador in Costa Rica

bride and groom walking along the beach

Who wouldn’t love a sunrise elopement at the Hotel Parador in Costa Rica?

I meet lots of adventuresome couples that want a sunset wedding in Costa Rica. We’re close to the equator here, so sunset time is around 5 – 6 pm all year. It’s pretty perfect for enjoying a sunset ceremony or timing bridal portraits to coincide after the ceremony. Then, a nice dinner and reception can follow.

However, I don’t get many folks on the other end of the spectrum. Those that want to get up and enjoy a beautiful sunrise wedding. The light is gorgeous, so those that do it enjoy the chance to get some amazing photographs.

Crystal and David were one such couple. We started the getting ready coverage at 5 am and the results are quite stunning. Check it out!

the dress with the view from the Hotel Parador in Costa Rica

The Couple: Crystal and David

First, let me introduce you to the couple, Crystal and David. They are both fantastic people who enjoy giving back to their community. So much so, in fact, that both of them are police officers! That’s how they met and now they’ll continue to walk their honorable road together. 

Wanting to avoid the fanfare of a big wedding, they decided to pack their bags and head off to Costa Rica for an epic elopement! They chose to hold their elopement at Hotel Parador in Costa Rica, which is located close to Manuel Antonio National Park.

I arrived at the hotel at 5 am to photograph Crystal getting ready. I love the interesting mood and look of photographing the flowers in semi-darkness. The officiant headed down to the beach with David and I came along a little later with Crystal. 

the bouquet photographed in semi-darkness

A Peaceful Beach Ceremony

I love going to the beach and take my family often. My little girl likes to play in the sand and splash in the waves and we enjoy relaxing together. 

However, if there’s one thing about the beach in Costa Rica, it’s hot. We always need to find a place in the shade because the full sun is just unbearable!

When I photograph couples at sunset, we always get amazing photos, just check out my other blogs like this one. However, I usually have to deal with avoiding people in the background. The beach is amazing at sunset and everybody wants to come and experience it!

Photographing Crystal and David at dawn was quite an amazing experience. It wasn’t hot yet and very few people dotted the beach, mostly joggers or people out for a quiet morning stroll. It was so quiet and peaceful, just us and the waves. 

Crystal and David said it was just perfect!

Here’s a look at how their wedding album turned out!

A Splendid Elopement at Hotel Parador in Costa Rica

Anytime is a good time to elope at the Hotel Parador in Costa Rica. Whether you’re excited for a dazzling sunset or a peaceful sunrise, the best part will simply be getting to share the experience with your favorite person in the whole world!

Interested in a thrilling elopement at Hotel Parador in Costa Rica? Or just eloping in Costa Rica in general? Check out my fantastic resource page with all sorts of information about eloping and micro weddings in Costa Rica.

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