Eco Resort in Costa Rica: Taking the Wedding Up a Notch

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Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. Thanks to conservation efforts on the part of the government and private businesses and citizens, perhaps it will stay that way. 

For now, at least, Brian and Kelsey got to enjoy their delightful beach wedding at one of the best eco resorts in Costa Rica, Arenas del Mar. 

And you get to be a fly on the wall. Check out the amazing day had by all!

Surfboard sign for a beach wedding

A Family Affair

Brian and Kelsey weren’t the only two getting all dolled up for this wedding. Their two kids, Madi and Jameson, also donned some finery and joined in the festivities. 

Madi was adorable in her white princess dress and the beaming smile she wore all day spoke volumes about what she thought. Jamieson might not have fully understood everything that was going on that day, but he certainly was a happy little guy. 

Little girl's white dress hanging on the beach

Getting Married at an Eco Resort in Costa Rica

They chose the luxurious Arenas del Mar as the location for their wedding. This lovely hotel is one of the best eco resorts in Costa Rica. 

Snuggled in the rainforest with its own private beach, the resort offers everything you could want for a beach wedding. With a 5 leaf sustainability award, eco-conscious couples can enjoy a wedding in the lap of luxury knowing the footprint from their event has been made as small as possible. 

The groom before the wedding at an eco resort in Costa Rica

Rain in the Rainforest

Well, this is the rainforest, and we are smack dab in the middle of the rainy season. Thus, it wasn’t super surprising when the rain began to fall. 

But it’s okay, many people consider it good luck to have rain on their wedding day.

For this wedding, we just pushed the family photos back a litle and I took the opportunity to take photos of people dancing in the rain. Nobody here was going to let a little water ruin the day!

The bride preparing for her wedding at an eco resort in Costa Rica

Day After Session to the Rescue

The one wish that Kelsey and Brian had for their photos was to get some great family photos on the beach with the sunset. Unfortunately, because of the rain, we didn’t get the spectacular sunset that we often get here in Costa Rica. 

Luckily, though, we did get some fabulous photos of the family on the beach. The couple had already scheduled a Day After Session, which totally saved the day!

I always recommend Day After Sessions to my wedding couples. It’s nice to have some time without all the hustle and bustle of the big day for the couple to relax and enjoy each other while capturing memories. 

Everyone that has done it comments on how much easier it is to relax after the wedding jitters have passed. And I love how authentic the photos turn out!

Your Wedding at an Eco Resort in Costa Rica

Have you thought about getting married at an eco resort in Costa Rica? A gorgeous wedding like this on the beach at Arenas del Mar might be just what you’ve been dreaming of! 

Check out this other wedding I shot at Arenas del Mar for more inspiration!

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