Creative Wedding Photography to Set Apart Your Day in Exotic Costa Rica

Bride and groom shot with a unique angle in the jungle

Because no two couples are exactly the same, no two weddings are exactly alike.  Every wedding is as unique as the individuals who are getting married.

Will and Miranda didn’t want your regular wedding photos. They were very interested in trying new things and branching out into creative wedding photography. One of their first questions to me was about both my photography and working style.

Of course, we got some gorgeous “standard” wedding photos. But we also got some pretty killer creative shots as well.

Keep scrolling and you’ll see what I mean.

The wedding dress hanging against the back of a luxury villa

Why Costa Rica?

But first, let’s talk about what prompted Will and Miranda to have their wedding in beautiful Costa Rica.  

Will and Miranda met in 2014 on a camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains and it changed the course of their lives. Miranda’s friend, Sarah, had met Will a few weeks before on top of Half-Dome Rock in Yosemite and invited him to join Miranda, Sarah, and Sarah’s boyfriend on the trip.

Obviously, Will and Miranda love nature and this is what prompted them to visit Costa Rica In February of 2017. They were awestruck by the stunning vistas and fell in love with the welcoming nature of Costa Rican culture. 

They wanted to have a small wedding with their most treasured friends and family in attendance. They also wanted something unique and close to nature, just like their meeting had been in Yosemite had been.

Manuel Antonio fit the bill perfectly and it gave them the chance to share Costa Rica with friends and family whom they knew would also love the country.

The wedding dress hanging in the jungle

Bonfire on the Beach

Like many couples who come to get married in Manuel Antonio, they opted to have the ceremony on the beach. There’s a specialness to saying “I do” to the sound of the surf that is unparalleled. As an extra special touch, Sarah, the friend who had facilitated their meeting, was the officiant. 

Unlike most couples, however, they decided to have the reception on the beach as well!  Instead of your typical ballroom dance floor they built a bonfire and enjoyed dinner to the backdrop of the rolling waves. A bonfire was more in keeping with their unique style of wedding and love of nature.

The decorations were exquisite and looked like something out of a fairy tale. Strings of lights graced the trees around the dinner table and lent a special glow to the evening.

Getting some creative photos with the bonfire was so important to them that they opted to scale back on the getting ready shots. They wanted to have plenty of time towards the end of the night to enjoy the fire and get some fun shots.

Closeup of the bride's unique bouquet in her hands

Creative Wedding Photography

As you can see, we got a lot of fun shots–and not just with the bonfire. Will and Miranda were up for being creative and we had fun trying different things with their bridal photos.

The sunset, as usual, didn’t disappoint and offered the chance to get some fun silhouette shots as well!

The bride with her dress, about to put it onCreative wedding shot from above with the bride reflected in the mirror behind herCloseup of the brideCreative wedding photography: The groom in the jungleThe groom coming out of the villaThe groom surrounded by the verdant jungle

Creative wedding photography: the bride and groom by the pool playing with shadows
Playing with shadows

the bride and groom smiling at each otherCreative wedding photography: all the little detailsBlack and white ceremony shot of the bride hugging her dadThe bride hugging her dad with the groom smiling in the background

Shot of the wedding from the ocean's perspective
The ceremony from a different perspective

Shots of the bride and groom during the ceremonyCeremony shot showing the beauty of their surroundingsGroom smiling as he says his vowsCeremony photo of the bride, groom, and officiantCreative wedding photography: The kiss from a different angleThe kissGroom giving the bride a kiss on the foreheadSmall group shot on the beachThe groom with his friendsShowcasing the jungle/beach during the bridal portraitsCreative Wedding Photography: Shooting through things to spotlight on the coupleCreative Wedding Photography: Shooting through things to spotlight on the coupleThe wedding couple on the beachTables set up for dinner on the beach.

The bride and groom cutting the cake
The devious look on the bride’s face…
The groom with cake on his face
…right before she smears the groom’s face with cake

creative wedding photography: details at the receptionCreative wedding photography: spotlight on the couple surrounded by fairy lights

Creative wedding photography: shooting through the fairy lights
Shooting through the fairy lights

Creative wedding photography: shooting through the bonfireThe groom and his friend enjoying a moment in the oceanThe groom with his buddies in front of the bonfireThe epic sunset with a silhouette of the bride and groom on the beach

A Wedding in Costa Rica

Perhaps the best way to get epic wedding photos is to get married in an exotic destination like Costa Rica as the backdrops are simply breathtaking.

But just because there’s a nice view doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old poses for the photos. There are lots of creative things you can do if you are willing to think outside the box.

For more inspiration, check out this other gorgeous wedding  in Manuel Antonio.

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