A Picture-Perfect Little Costa Rica Wedding

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Why have a destination Costa Rica wedding? For some people the idea of packing up and traveling a few thousand miles to tie the knot will never make much sense. Having a big wedding with all their friends and family in attendance is much more important. 

However, for folks like Brent and Patricia, a destination wedding with a handful of their favorite folks is the best experience they could ask for! Check out how this couple’s picture-perfect Costa Rica wedding turned out here!

A Family Affair in Costa Rica

Some people think destination weddings are for couples who want to run away and get married on their own. That wasn’t the case for Patricia and Brent. Not only did Brent’s cute little daughter and Patricia’s son come along, but so did everyone else from their family — even if only in spirit. 

The connection between Brent’s daughter and her new mom was evident as Patricia played with her while getting ready. Patricia’s son was moved to tears during the ceremony that gave him a new dad. 

Brent carried his mother close to his heart in a small photo keychain attached to his boutonniere. Patricia added a nostalgic addition to the bottom of her dad’s tie — a photo of them when she was just a girl with a special note expressing her appreciation for him. 

Seven bridesmaids and various groomsmen accompanied Patricia and Brent on their special day. Patricia and Brent obviously loved lots and were well-loved in return.

The Perfect Venue

The couple chose to get married in Punto de Vista, one of my favorite venues here in Manuel Antonio. The house is really cool for photos, plus the 5th story ceremony/reception site offers an amazing view of the ocean. 

There are 10 suites that can accommodate up to 30 guests and a sister villa nearby. In other words, there is plenty of space for friends and family to come and celebrate with the happy couple. 

A Costa Rica Wedding

The ceremony was amazing and more than a few people teared up as they witnessed these two promise themselves to one another. 

Things literally hit the fan at the bouquet toss. Patricia got a little over zealous with her throw and the ceiling fan razed the bouquet, instantly shredding it. A little piece for everybody, I guess? 

I came back the next morning after all the bustle and excitement calmed down to steal a few moments with just Brent and Patricia on the beach. Day after sessions are always nice because couples are more relaxed for the camera after the wedding jitters have passed. 

Check out Patricia and Brent’s Wooden Album Below!

Your Picture-Perfect Costa Rica Wedding

Does a destination Costa Rica wedding sound like heaven to you? From elopements at waterfalls to huge affairs with dozens of guests, I’ve seen people have all sorts of a amazing Costa Rica weddings. Yours could be next!

For more inspiration check out and Indian wedding at Punto de Vista. And don’t hesitate to reach out for help capturing your amazing Costa Rica wedding!

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