From the Carolinas to a Costa Rica Jungle Wedding

The bride and groom the day before their costa rica jungle wedding

Candy and Chuck bonded almost immediately through their mutual love of travel. It only took 3 dates to go on a trip and start exploring the world together!

So come with me for a peek at their journey which starts with an epic Costa Rica jungle wedding!

The bride and groom the day before their costa rica jungle wedding

An Adventurous Couple: Chuck and Candy

First, a little about this adventurous couple. From my first Zoom call with them, it was evident that Chuck and Candy were going to be a fun couple to photograph. The love they have for one another was nearly palpable as I chatted with them.

Candy told me Chuck is the sweetest guy she knows. Chuck told me Candy is the most genuine person he knows and she has a great group of friends that look up to her. He says they are a perfect fit for one another.

The bride and groom the day before their costa rica jungle wedding

Why Costa Rica?

I mentioned that this couple loves to travel. Very early on in their relationship, Chuck visited Costa Rica on a solo trip and fell in love. He promised Candy that he would bring her to experience the warmth and beauty of this exquisite country.

Chuck and Candy’s adventuresome spirits already made them the perfect candidates for a destination wedding. Plus, with all the craziness going on these days, a small wedding in the jungle with just a few attendees was just the right fit.

The bride and groom the day before their costa rica jungle wedding

The Venue: Casa Brisas de la Montaña

To keep things low-key, they rented a beautiful villa on Airbnb called Casa Brisas de la Montaña. The 5,500 square foot house was large enough to accommodate them and the handful of guests that attended. Located on 60 acres with lush tropical fruits growing right on the property, powered 100% by renewable energy, and offering panoramic ocean and jungle views, it was the perfect type of place for a micro wedding. 

Plus, everything could be done in one convenient location. They got ready at the villa and held the ceremony right on the grounds. Each of them wrote special letters to one another which the officiant read during the ceremony. Their reactions were wonderful!

Afterward, they enjoyed a lovely dinner and reception, dancing the night away under the stars. 

The bride and groom the day before their costa rica jungle wedding

The Day Before Session

I love recommending a Day After Session to all my wedding couples. It gives them a chance to let down their hair and relax after all the rushing around that happens before a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, the wedding photos are always beautiful, but with the jitters of the big day out of the way, couples can relax a bit more and be themselves. 

This couple decided to opt for a day-before session instead. It was a wonderful time for them to take a couple of hours on the eve of their wedding and just enjoy being with one another. They had lots of fun dipping their toes in the fresh, cool river water at the base of a pristine little waterfall. Plus, we took a trip to the beach where they traipsed through the surf. As you can see, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Say Yes to a Costa Rica Jungle Wedding

I might be biased, but I think a Costa Rica jungle wedding is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for something adventurous. A destination wedding is perfect for people looking for a way to add some excitement to their intimate wedding!

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