A Classy Wedding Ceremony on the Sky Deck at La Mansion

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A Wedding with a View

This month I photographed a classy wedding ceremony on the sky deck lounge at La Mansion Inn, here in Manuel Antonio. Weddings at La Mansion are always so amazing. The couple had such class, and a cheerful energy and they were so positive to some different ideas for the photo session. They even had two sets of clothes, one for the ceremony, and one for the beach, which makes an excellent variation when looking at all the photos together.

At the end of the portrait session on the beach the bride asked if we could do something different, them getting all the way in the water for example. So I treated it like a trash the dress session and asked them to roll around a bit in the surf. Fortunately, they had no problem with the idea and we got some great photos.

Costa Rica Wedding Photography by Kevin Heslin

Bride at pool in La Mansion InnCosta Rica Wedding Photography by Kevin HeslinCosta Rica Wedding Photography by Kevin HeslinWedding on Sky Deck at La Mansion InnCosta Rica Wedding Photography by Kevin HeslinChampagne glasses at a classy weddingLa Mansion WeddingClassy wedding photo on beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaCosta Rica Wedding Photography by Kevin HeslinLa Mansion Wedding PhotographyWedding on beach in Manuel AntonioLa Mansion Wedding on beach.Classy wedding photo on the beach with the Costa Rican flagManuel Antonio WeddingsLa Mansion Wedding in Costa RicaWedding in La Mansion, Manuel AntonioTrash the dress in Costa Rica.Trash the dress on beach in Costa Rica.

Your Classy Wedding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has no shortage of lovely places that make for a beautiful and classy wedding. You can get married above the jungle with a view of the rainforest and the ocean, or you can go right to the water’s edge. Whichever you choose, a wedding in Costa Rica is not something you’ll easily forget.

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