What’s so Great About Beach Weddings? You’ll See…

Groom tosses bride in the air as ocean water trickles off her toes

Beach weddings are where it’s at. The splash of the surf, the feel of sand between your toes, and the gentle breeze tousling your hair add magic to the wedding ceremony.

For me as a photographer, it’s one of the best things about living near the award-winning Manuel Antonio National Park and its beaches. There is no shortage of spectacular beach weddings in my portfolio.

Erica and Eddie’s lovely wedding is just one example of how gorgeous a beach wedding ceremony can be. Let’s take a look!

Sometimes at beach weddings in Manuel Antonio scarlet macaws appear
Special guests: Scarlet Macaws!

Ceremony on the Beach

Have you dreamed of exchanging vows at the water’s edge? Erica and Eddie decided to make that dream a reality for them and brought along all their favorite people to help them celebrate their beach wedding.

As you’ll see from the ceremony photos, the backdrop was exquisite. There’s a reason that Manuel Antonio is famous for its beaches! Erica and Eddie decided to have their ceremony on the beach near the entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Standing in a ring of flowers, surrounded by their loved ones, these two were delighted to make their pledges to one another.

Having fun getting ready for their beach wedding
Preparing vows beforehand.

La Mariposa

They decided to have their wedding at La Mariposa Hotel, which is an experience in and of itself. The views offered by this hilltop hotel of the ocean and the jungle are absolutely stunning. Plus, every evening you can enjoy nature’s spectacular display as the sun dips down into the ocean.

La Mariposa is a long-standing hotel that offers simple wedding packages and boasts having helped over 1500 couples. The stellar staff took care of all the details so all that Erica and Eddie had to do was enjoy their day!

And the beach isn’t the only place La Mariposa offers for a beautiful ceremony. Check out this other wedding I did poolside.

After the beach ceremony, everyone went back to the hotel to enjoy an evening filled with fun and dancing. Le Papillon Restaurant at La Mariposa offers a spectacular view of the sunset, along with delicious dishes prepared by an internationally recognized chef.

Erica and Eddie and their guests took full advantage of the delicious food and toe-tapping music at their reception. This is the way weddings are supposed to be, fun and full of laughter.

The bride and her family

Preserving Memories

Erica and Eddie were excited to preserve the memories of this day with a customized wedding album.  In addition to all the great candid shots we got during the day we also made sure to get photos a bunch of group photos with friends and family.

Brides and babies, what could be cuter?
Bride and baby!

The bride, ready for her beach weddingKids playing on the beach

The groom gives the bride's father a hug
Special moment with the bride’s dad

Beach weddings are gorgeous! Check out this ceremony!The groom's happy face during the ceremonyThe bride's smile of delight during the ceremony

The wedding party cheering after the ceremony. Beach weddings are the bomb!
Beach weddings are the bomb!

Bridal portraits on the beachThe bride and groom, hand in hand at the water's edge.Flower girl ready to party with glow sticksKids ready to party!

Father-daughter dance
Dancing with Dad

Father-daughter danceMother-son dance too!

Dancing at La Mariposa, Costa Rica.

Bride and groom goofing off during the reception
Epic cake smash.

The bridesmaids partying at the reception

The flower girl showing off her dance moves
That flower girl’s got some moves!

Time to party and have fun!Time to party and have fun!Time to party and have fun!

Time to party and have fun!
The bride and groom getting down on the dance floor!

Beach Weddings Are the Bomb

I don’t know about you, but I love beach weddings. They’re so simple yet so incredibly elegant. Can you imagine yourself pledging to stand by the one you love in such an exotic setting? There really isn’t anything else quite like it.

Here’s a little peak on how the wedding album came out so that Erica and Eddie and their parents can keep reliving the day:

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