An Intimate Family Wedding in Costa Rica

Bride and groom on the beach with lovely palm tree background.

Some folks decide on intimate destination weddings so they can get away and share their special day with those closest and most important to them, without worrying about the rest of the fanfare. This was exactly the type of wedding that Sharon and Brian celebrated in Costa Rica. Sharon’s family played a very special role in their simple and lovely beach wedding.

Let’s take a look!

Getting ready for the family wedding with all the girls!

The Couple: Sharon and Brian

Sharon and Brian met in the most natural way. Brian was a regular at the restaurant where Sharon was working as a server. Sharon says before ever even talking to him, she knew he was the one she would marry just from seeing him for the first time. And she was right!

The bride before her intimate family wedding ceremony

An Intimate Family Wedding

The ceremony was held down on the beach at the opposite end of the beach from Manuel Antonio Park. This part of the beach accessible only at low tide. But it’s a beautiful spot with just enough shade for a small ceremony like this. It has some cool rock formations and, best of all, very few other people!

The ceremony was simple, sweet, and had all the elements so family could play a role and be remembered for a lifetime. Her mom and one of her sisters played guitar and sang to accompany her dad walking Sharon down the aisle. Once he had delivered the bride, he grabbed a guitar and played a song to open the ceremony as Sharon’s sister sang for the couple. After a lovely ceremony, the three of them took up their instruments once more and played a special song for the newly married couple.

Once the special moment was over, we spent a little more time on the beach getting photos of the couple and all their guests. Then, it was time to head back to the villa for the reception.

The bride before her intimate family wedding ceremony

Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa literally means “beautiful view” in Spanish, and the house’s location definitely lives up to its name. The spacious luxury villa offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the vibrant green rainforest that this area is known for.

For Sharon and Brian, the villa offered plenty of space for all their guests. They got to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends, yet everyone had their own space where they could enjoy a bit of privacy. It was the perfect staging area to get ready for the wedding and also to house the reception/dance party that ensued afterward.

Since Sharon’s family was already such a part of the ceremony, I suspected that the father-daughter dance was going to be a poignant moment. What I didn’t realize was how much.

Brian’s mom wasn’t able to come to the wedding so he wouldn’t be doing a traditional mother-son dance. But he was now a part of Sharon’s family, so her mom did the sweetest thing. Without announcing anything during the father-daughter dance she whipped him out on the floor.

The look on his face was priceless, and I was happy that I captured it with my camera. You can check it out below.

The groom before the intimate family wedding ceremonyThe arbor on the beach for the simple ceremonyThe bride's sister plays and signs to accompany her down the aisle.

Here comes the bride!
Here comes the bride!

The bride gets a hug from her dad before walking down the aisle

The groom's delight as the bride nears the arbor
Notice Sharon’s mom and one of her sisters playing an accompanying tune.

The groom tears up during the ceremony

Sharon’s dad and 2 sisters are joyful during the reception

The beautiful wedding ceremony


Cracking up during the family wedding ceremonyThe happy bride and groom are now husband and wife!


Sharon's dad and sister are strumming away on their guitarsThe whole group at this family weddingBridal portraits in an idyllic spotBridal portraits in an idyllic spotBridal portraits in an idyllic spotBridal portraits in an idyllic spotBridal portraits in an idyllic spot

The bride nestled in to her new husband's chest while her family looks on in the background.
Sharon nestled in to her new husband’s chest while her family looks on in the background.
Dancing at the reception
This is the moment when Sharon’s mom whips Brian out on the dance floor. It was a sweet thing to witness!

Dancing at the receptionThe bride and groom sharing a special moment during the reception.

Your Wedding in Costa Rica

Would you love a family wedding like this in an exotic place? Or maybe you’d rather leave them behind and just celebrate the new family that you are forming. Whatever you want to do, a destination wedding in Costa Rica is perfect. It’s truly a magical experience.

Learn more about how to get married legally in Costa Rica here!

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