An Incredible Costa Rica Wedding Experience 

A stroll along the beach for a full Costa Rica wedding experience

COVID drastically changed a lot of wedding plans in the last couple of years. Caylyn and Ryan didn’t let circumstances get the best of them and adjusted their plans to have an amazing destination wedding.

By the time they made it to Costa Rica for their wedding bash, they were already married. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t enjoy the wedding of their dreams anyway! 

Check out the amazing Costa Rica wedding experience Caylyn and Ryan enjoyed with their guests here!

Welcome to punto de vista sign

A Full Costa Rica Wedding Experience

Most weddings are just a few hours long. Guests arrive, the ceremony happens, and people hang around to celebrate and wish the couple well during the reception.

A destination wedding in Costa Rica offers an opportunity to extend the experience — and Caylyn and Ryan took full advantage.

They chose to have their wedding at the impressive 5-story Villa here in Manuel Antonio. To accommodate more of their guests, they also rented Punto de Vista’s new sister villa La Isla. With 8 bedroom suites, La Isla can house up to 20 guests in luxurious comfort.

To extend the festivities, they held a welcome cocktail for everyone the day before at this equally impressive villa. Guests got to enjoy delicious cocktails prepared by the expert staff while lounging in the refreshing pool. 

Playing in the pool during an amazing Costa Rica wedding experience
The ocean view through/over the treetops

A Wedding with a View

There are a lot of great reasons to get married at Punto de Vista. One of the best ones is that you get to have a wedding with a spectacular view. 

Punto de Vista literally rises out of the jungle. The villa sits by itself surrounded by lush, green jungle. At five stories tall, it breaks through the canopy so that the upper floors offer an ocean view over the treetops. 

As you can see in the photos, the view is breathtaking. Who wouldn’t want to get married with that stunning backdrop?

A child delighted by a monkey frolicking just outside the villa
A staff member mixing drinks at Villa La Isla

A Celebration to Remember

After the ceremony, we headed down the nearby beach to take some awesome photos of the bride and groom. They had indicated to me beforehand that they loved semi-candid shots that capture their special moments. 

That’s my favorite and that’s what we did. The two of them look stunning and so in love as they stroll along the beach as part of their Costa Rica wedding experience. 

While we were gone, the villa staff transformed the ceremony area into a reception space for the guests to enjoy dinner. Thick bouquets of flowers hanging from the ceiling gave the room a tropical, jungly atmosphere. Strings of lights and candles added the perfect atmosphere after the sun went down. 

In keeping with the candid image idea, I roamed the room and captured special moments as the guests laughed and enjoyed the festivities. I even got a couple of happy tears here and there. 

The Perfect Wedding Experience in Costa Rica

With big smiles and happy hearts, Caylyn and Ryan and their guests took to the dance floor down on the first floor of the villa to enjoy the rest of their Costa Rica wedding experience.

Excited about your own wedding experience in Costa Rica? Think Punto de Vista could be a great option for you? Check out this other wedding I shot there where the decorations were totally different. The possibilities are endless! Or check out my resource page below to see multiple weddings from Punto de Vista.

Wedding Shoes:Bella Belle Shoes

Venue: Weddings Villa Punto de Vista

Flowers:Stylos & Flores @stylos_y_flores

Wedding Planner:Tropical Occasions

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