A Unique Wedding: Dressing up the Venue to Make it Your Own

Unique wedding bridal portraits on the beach

Every wedding couple is different and deserves a unique wedding experience. Many people dream for years about how their wedding day will be. They think about decorations they would like to use as well as the rituals they would like to include to make their wedding unique.

I shoot a lot of couples who are already thinking outside the box. After all, they are coming to a different country to get married! Jamie and Christian decided to take things one step further.

This creative couple not only headed off to a foreign country for their wedding but also got inventive with their decorations. Check out the photos below to see what they did differently. 

The Welcome Party

Jamie and Christian opted to have a welcome party for their guests a couple of days before the wedding itself so everyone could hang out and enjoy themselves before the big day.

Everyone chowed down on a delicious array of Mexican food and the live band got everyone’s feet going. It was a great time and the perfect way to set the stage for the wedding day.

The welcome party

The Couple

Jamie and Christian first met in high school at a party and 11 years later they are still together! 

A love of travel is one of the passions that brought them two closer and now they have visited a bunch of countries together. They decided to have a destination wedding because they wanted to share the joy of travel with their closest friends and family.

The bride at the center of a circular colored brick pattern

The bride with her bridesmaids

The groom with his groomsmen

The bride and groomDressing up the Venue

I’ve shot several weddings at Villa Punto de Vista, Jamie and Christian’s venue of choice. You can see a couple of other examples here and here

In Jamie and Christian’s unique wedding, as you’ll see, the venue looks completely different. By hanging lush, white fabric all over, they completely transformed the venue, giving it an ethereal, fairytale-esque feel. 

Delicate clear dishes with gold accents along with gold flatware and an abundance of white roses graced the tables. Add to that the warm glow of candlelight and it was truly a magical atmosphere. 

Ethereal, fairyland like decorations at this unique wedding
Check out the lovely draperies!

Ethereal, fairyland like decorations at this unique weddingThe bride arrives for her unique weddingThe unique wedding ceremony

The bride and groom kiss during the unique wedding ceremony
The kiss!

Heading down to the beach for unique wedding portraitsUnique wedding bridal portraits on the beachUnique wedding bridal portraits on the beachUnique wedding bridal portraits on the beachA Polish Message from the Heart

Christian’s family is Polish and Jamie wanted to do something special for them. So she decided to make an incredible wedding speech for them in Polish. 

Learning a second language is quite the chore even when the language is at least related to English — like Spanish. Polish and English have little in common, and Polish is one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, so Jamie’s speech was super impressive. 

Detail shots of this gorgeous unique weddingDetail shots of this gorgeous unique wedding

Detail shots of this gorgeous unique wedding
Check out those huge smiles!

Bride and groom laughing heartily at a speechGetting close for their unique wedding dance

A unique wedding dance from a unique angle
Surprise streamers!

The After Party

Jamie and Christian and their guests sure know how to tear up the dance floor.  As you can see from the photos a great time was had by all. People were dancing, laughing, the smiles of the happy couple lit up the room. It was a beautiful thing to witness indeed.

Father-daughter, mother-son dancesFather-daughter, mother-son dancesThe single ladies crowd together for the bouquet tossGuests dancing at the unique wedding partyGuests dancing at the unique wedding partyGuests dancing at the unique wedding partyUnique wedding portraits on the beach

Your Unique Wedding in Costa Rica

For many folks, deciding to do a destination wedding is already quite the plunge. However, it is an excellent way to make their wedding the memorable day that it should be. Oftentimes, these weddings turn into a whole week or more of fun as the couple and their closest friends and family vacation together at the same time.

But destination weddings are also increasing in popularity. Maybe you feel like a lot of your friends are already doing the destination wedding thing and you’ve seen plenty of photos of couples saying “I do” on an exotic beach. Make your wedding a truly unique wedding by changing up the decor and putting your own special touch on things.

For more unique wedding ideas, check out this wedding that mixed Muslim and Hindu traditions with Western ones. 

Need more info for your wedding at Villa Punto de Vista? Click on my guide below:

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